Download B.Pharm 3rd Year 2014 February 564264 Pharmacology I Question Paper

Download B.Pharmacy (Bachelor of Pharmacy) 3rd Year (Third Year) 2014 February 564264 Pharmacology I Previous Question Paper





Sub. Code: 4264



Q.P. Code: 564264

Time: Three Hours

Maximum: 100 marks

I. Elaborate on:


1. a) Classify the various routes of drug administration and
explain in detail about the various injections.

b) Write a note on new drug delivery system

2. a) Define Parasympatholytics and classify it with examples
for each group.

b) Describe the pharmacological actions, adverse effects and
therapeutic uses of Atropine

II. Write notes on:


1. Bioassay of oxytocin.
2. Write in brief about acute and chronic alcoholism and give its mode of


3. Define Parkinsonism and classify the drugs used for it. Comment a note on

Levodopa and Carbidopa combination.

4. Write a note on drug addiction and drug habituation with examples.
5. Explain about the nitrites and nitrates used as an antianginal drug.
6. Explain about the sodium channel blockers used as an anti arrhythmic drug.
7. Effect of enzyme induction and inhibition in drug metabolism.
8. Write in brief about spiranolactone as a diuretic.

III. Short Answers on:


1. Pharmacoepidemiology.
2. Advantages of sublingual route.
3. Give four examples of drugs with low therapeutic index and high rate of

adverse drug reactions.

4. Receptor down regulation.
5. Mechanism of action of succinylcholine.
6. Four therapeutic uses of Analeptics.
7. Name four hallucinogens.
8. Mention four drugs known to cause bronchospasm.
9. Name four common causes of inadequate response to antihypertensive


10. Hypovolemic or Oligemic shock.


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