Download B.Pharm 3rd Year 2016 August 564262 Medicinal Chemistry I Question Paper

Download B.Pharmacy (Bachelor of Pharmacy) 3rd Year (Third Year) 2016 August 564262 Medicinal Chemistry I Previous Question Paper

(LJ 4262)


Sub. Code: 4262




Q.P. Code: 564262

Time: Three hours Maximum: 100 Marks

I. Elaborate on :

(2 x 20 = 40)

1. Illustrate phase II reaction of Drug Metabolism with suitable example. Discuss

the factors affecting Drug Metabolism.

2. Classify H1 Receptor anti-histamines with example. Explain the SAR of anti-

histamines and write the synthesis of Promethazine and Diphenhydramine.

II. Short notes on :

(8 x 5 = 40)

1. Write synthesis, mechanism and uses of chlorpromazine and prochlorperazine.
2. Write a note on adrenergic neurotransmitters.
3. Explain the synthesis of propranolol, carbachol.
4. Classify general anesthetics and give the synthesis of any one.
5. Write a note on anticonvulsants.
6. Discuss briefly about Thiazide diuretics.
7. Discuss briefly the methods of development of prodrugs.
8. Explain the chemistry and biological significance of prostaglandins.

III. Short answers on : (10 x 2 = 20)

1. Define sedative and hypnotics and give one drug as example for each.
2. Write the SAR of tricycle anti-depressant.
3. Write the structure, mechanism and uses of Haloperidol.
4. Define optical and geometrical isomerism in biological action of drugs.
5. Structure and use of pilocarpine, acetylcholine.
6. Write two structures of opioid analgesic.
7. Write the structure and use of Salsalate and Phenylbutazone.
8. Write the synthesis of procaine.
9. Define anti-tussive agent with examples.
10. Mechanism of action of Acetazolamide.


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