Download PTU M.Pharm 2020 March 1st Sem 74677 Pharmacological And Toxicological Screening Methods I Question Paper

Download PTU (I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University Jalandhar (IKGPTU) M.Pharma 2020 March (Master of Pharmacy) 1st Sem 74677 Pharmacological And Toxicological Screening Methods I Previous Question Paper

1 | M-74677 (S31)-1128

Roll No. Total No. of Pages : 01
Total No. of Questions : 06
M.Pharmacy(Pharmacology) (2017 & Onwards) (Sem.?1)
Subject Code : MPL-103T
M.Code : 74677
Time : 3 Hrs. Max. Marks: 75
1. Attempt any FIVE questions out of SIX questions.
2. Each question carries FIFTEEN marks.

1. Discuss the following :
a) Potential of transgenic animals as tools in drug discovery 8
b) Principle of immunoassay for insulin 7
2. Write short notes on :
a) Porsolt's swim method 5
b) Pyloric ligation induced ulcers 5
c) Chemical-induced Arrhythmia 5
3. Discuss briefly :
a) Streptozotocin and Alloxan as diabetogens 8
b) Morris water maze test for assessment of memory related tasks 7
4. a) Enumerate methods to evaluate analgesic activity of a drug. 10
b) Compare plus maze and mirror chamber tests for evaluation of antianxiety activity. 5
5. Write short notes on :
a) Goldblatt hypertension 8
b) Perphenazine induced catalepsy 7
6. Describe the following :
a) Carrageenan-induced paw oedema 7
b) Animal models of hyperlipidemia 8

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