Download PTU M.Pharm 2020 March 1st Sem 74693 Modern Pharmaceutical Analytical Techniques Question Paper

Download PTU (I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University Jalandhar (IKGPTU) M.Pharma 2020 March (Master of Pharmacy) 1st Sem 74693 Modern Pharmaceutical Analytical Techniques Previous Question Paper

1 | M-74693 (S31)-2343

Roll No. Total No. of Pages : 01
Total No. of Questions : 06
M.Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Analysis) (Sem.?1)
Subject Code : MPA-101T
M.Code : 74693
Time : 3 Hrs. Max. Marks: 75
1. Attempt any FIVE questions out of SIX questions.
2. Each question carries FIFTEEN marks.

1. Write briefly :
a. Define Beer lamber?s law (2?7+1=15)
b. Coupling constant
c. What are hysochromic and hyperchromic shifts?
d. Types of pumps in HPLC
e. Define retention time and column efficiency
f. Nernest equation
g. What is the Full form of FAB?
2. Discuss in brief the various thermal method of analysis giving their advantages and
disadvantages of each (15)
3. Give the principle of Ion Exchange chromatography and briefly describe the exchangers
used for it. (10)
Give a brief outlines of principle of Flourimetry (5)
4. Write short notes on :
a. Ultra high performance liquid chromatography (5)
b. Capillary electrophoresis (5)
c. Metastable ions and isotopic peaks (5)
5. Comment on analytical and guard columns in HPLC (10)
Explain Index of hydrogen deficiency (5)
6. Discuss the theory of flourimetry. Discuss the factors effecting fluorescence of a
compound. Mention advantages of flourimetry over UV. (15)
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page of Answer Sheet will lead to UMC against the Student. - FirstRanker's Choice

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