Download PTU M.Pharm 2020 March 2nd Sem 74949 Medicinal Plant Biotechnology Question Paper

Download PTU (I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University Jalandhar (IKGPTU) M.Pharma 2020 March (Master of Pharmacy) 2nd Sem 74949 Medicinal Plant Biotechnology Previous Question Paper

1 | M-74949 (S31)-2486

Roll No. Total No. of Pages : 01
Total No. of Questions : 06
M.Pharmacy (Pharmacogonosy) (Sem.?2)
Subject Code : MPG-201T
M.Code : 74949
Time : 3 Hrs. Max. Marks : 75
1. Attempt any FIVE questions out of SIX questions.
2. Each question carries FIFTEEN marks.

1. Describe briefly prospects for development of plant biotechnology as a source of
medicinal agents. Also highlight its applications in pharmacy.
2. Describe micropropagation of medicinal and aromatic plants. Also highlight hairy root
and multiple shoot cultures and their applications.
3. Discuss secondary metabolism in tissue cultures with emphasis on production of
medicinal agents.
4. What is a bioreactor? Describe bioreactor for pilot and large scale cultures of plant cells
and retention of biosynthetic potential during cell culture.
5. Describe the applications of genetic and molecular biology in pharmacognosy with
suitable examples.
6. Write short notes on :
a) Production of ergot alkaloids
b) Single cell proteins
c) Enzymes of pharmaceutical interest

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