Engineering: a life of dilemmas?

Engineering: a life of dilemmas?

“Engineering is one of the greatest forms of art the world has ever seen”

A vague and uncomplicated sentence like that begs a lot of questions and frankly they seem vague, but not simple if that makes sense. To be frank, engineers can and will be necessary for the future of the world. From the ancient Egyptians and Romans who built the aqua ducts which ran through Rome, engineers have and are leaving their mark in the world to the benefits of others. Engineering is the best for of all sort of reasons, that being said the worst kind of ignorance is believing engineering doesn’t matter anymore in the eyes of the public who deem such works as old hat or not as good as doctors or lawyers. They must overcome public exams like JEE MAIN 2018. To get into a private institution is another task in itself. To get into some of the colleges like Amity, we need to write a different exam altogether called the Amity JEE 2018. But the problem lies primarily in the fault of the people that hate working diligently and due to longer hours of work and also due to certain mind set of the people that causes them to question the nature of the world and their basic understanding of it. The problems regarding the issues that cause these thoughts are largely attributed to the delusions of life that most of the younger generation grew up with. Namely the belief in their own uniqueness and non-achievements to rival that of actual achievers.

Life was and is pretty grim for those who are born into the family who believe doctor or engineer are the only professions worth  following and anything else may as well be a dialog of futility as the traditional and uncompromising mind set of the parents are cancer to the creative minds of their progeny, one should wonder how many authors or artist had their creative sparks put out and had their great and prosperous future replaced by a great and not no prosperous life ,one which would have them spend a great deal of their lives. The problem of failing in the long run and returning dejected can be seen as the natural conclusion of following the path which you felt like the most exciting and least familiar.

Such problems are held in belief by people around the world and about a variety of topics – some regarding studies and the pursuing of the same. It is not an easy topic to handle for sure, but It makes us think a lot about the things we want to do in places that are foreign to us in belief and tradition whatever they may be at the time we feel it confronting us. So when one has made their mind about engineering. The best thing to do is to enrol in the top engineering colleges in India, and complete their course and then add to the work force talents which should astound the minds and imagination of the world .The way to glory is a thorny path however, as the qualification of JEE MAIN is necessary for the entry and it is a right problem for the un prepared, there are vigorous cut off marks which are hard to get. But it should not bother those who believe in triumph through adversity, for the determined and non-compromising.

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