Syllabi for GATE 2011 Examination Papers

Syllabi for GATe 2011 Examination Papers

General Aptitude (GA) component common in all papers Download
AE: Aerospace Engineering DownloadXE: Section A: Engineering Mathematics Download
AG: Agricultural Engineering DownloadXE: Section B: Fluid Mechanics Download
AR: Architecture and Planning DownloadXE: Section C: Materials Science Download
BT: Biotechnology DownloadXE: Section D: Solid Mechanics Download
CE: Civil Engineering DownloadXE: Section E: Thermodynamics Download
CH: Chemical Engineering DownloadXE: Section F: Polymer Sc. and Engineering Download
CS: Computer Sc. and Information Tech. DownloadXE: Section G: Food Technology Download
CY: Chemistry Download
EC: Electronics and Communication Engg. DownloadXL: Section H: Chemistry Download
EE: Electrical Engineering DownloadXL: Section I: Biochemistry Download
GG: Geology and Geophysics DownloadXL: Section J: Botany Download
IN: Instrumentation Engineering DownloadXL: Section K: Microbiology Download
MA: Mathematics DownloadXL: Section L: Zoology Download
ME: Mechanical Engineering DownloadXL: Section M: Food Technology Download
MN: Minining Engineering Download
MT: Metallurgical Engineering Download
PH: Physics Download
PI: Production and Industrial Engineering Download
TF: Textile Engineering and Fibre Science Download

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