15 lakh students in lurch, brokers make a killing

Hyderabad, Nov. 12: The revenue department has not issued income certificates for even half of the 30 lakh students who have applied for the fee reimbursement scheme, though the last date for students to avail of the scheme is November 15.

There has been a huge rush at all mandal revenue offices across the state for the income certificates that will entitle students to free education.

In Hyderabad district alone, 70,000 students have applied for income certificates, but till November 12, only 34,000 students have obtained them.

With offices being closed on November 13 and 14, that leaves just one day to obtain the certificates.

As a result, the inevitable broker has cropped up to take advantage of the situation. These middlemen are said to be asking for between Rs 600 to Rs 1,000 from each student to get them the certificate as they have struck a deal with MRO staff despite warnings against brokers.

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