Andhra Pradesh schools need English teachers.

The state is having difficulty finding teachers for its 355 English medium ‘model schools’, it’s version of Navodaya schools, to be funded by the Centre.

The government needs about 10,000 English medium teachers, who can teach high school students in the CBSE syllabus. The schools are to function from June 2012.

The 355 model schools will be set up in educationally-backward mandals across the state, where girls’ literacy rate is dismal. Each school will cost Rs 3 crore, with the Centre contributing 75 per cent of the funds, and the state government the rest.

The government has decided to directly recruit teachers from English medium schools, but it is difficult to recruit teachers who can teach the CBSE syllabus because private schools are offering them higher salaries than the government.

The government pays a meagre Rs 2,000 per month for two-years under “apprenticeship” for teachers with two years of experience. This is hardly likely to attract teachers.

Source : DC

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