Best food to increase your energy

One of the things that most people do not realize is that certain foods can help boost productivity. For students, especially, studies are critical for a prosperous future. Eating well is one of the things that a person can do to improve productivity.

What food can increase studying productivity?

When you are more productive, you save yourself a lot of time. You also are more satisfied with the work you do and have more ease switching between tasks and even looking on reviews about PaperLeaf.

When you are not eating healthily, you could be negatively impacting your cognitive and brain functions. If you want to study more, understand better and guarantee success in all your classes, choose to eat some of the healthy foods on this list. They will boost your brain power incredibly.


Research has shown that blueberries are great for boosting memory and improving concentration. They will help you understand and remember more for up to five hours after you ingest them.  They contain antioxidants that improve blood and oxygen flow and thus contribute to keeping your brain fresh. Ensure that you eat berries as much as you can when you are young because they will help you a great deal when you are older. Their antioxidant properties help fight dementia.


Fatty fishes have been known to be great for promoting studying productivity and memory.  It has high contents of omega 3 fats that are great at improving mental performance and reducing stress and depression. It is therefore great for students who actually are in a high-stress environment every day. With stress, one is unable to reduce productivity. According to a study conducted on 28 participants, people with depression after omega 3 treatment had lower scores than those treated with depression medication. Therefore eating fish or salmon will increase productivity and reduce stress levels among students.


All types of nuts are great. They are not only a great source of protein, but they also contain natural fats that keep the body healthy and strong. There is also a great source of vitamin E and amino acids that give your body that brain and memory boost that you need each day to make it through. Therefore keep nuts close by. Instead of drinking an energy drink or eating cake as a snack, you can chew on the nut which is a healthier alternative.


How is water food? How does it help boost performance? Well, most people underestimate the value of water in their bodies. They assume that because water contains no calories and is mostly tasteless, means that it does not have any benefit to the body other than hydration, of course. The truth is that, because 70% of the body is made of water, all body functions depend on water. Ensure that you replenish your body by taking at least 8 glasses of water daily. If you do not do so, there is a high chance that your brain, like the rest of your body, will suffer. If you are well hydrated, you will be more focused and think more clearly.

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