BIE warns lecturers against marks errors.

HYDERABAD: A day before the commencement of spot evaluation of Intermediate answer scripts, officials of the Board of Intermediate Education (BIE) on Tuesday warned that criminal cases would be filed against private junior college lecturers if they indulge in faulty evaluation.

The new rules state that if a lecturer awards marks lower or higher than what a student deserves, he/she will have to face criminal charges. BIE is yet to discuss with police officials what charges could be slapped against the ‘erring’ lecturers. Intermediate results will be announced on April 25.

The board officials also warned that lecturers of the government-aided college and AP residential college will be placed under suspension for five years if they indulge in flawed evaluation.

Action will, however, be initiated only if the difference in marks between the first assessment and the second one is higher than 10 per cent.

G Balaramaiah, secretary, BIE, said since it was found that several students who had applied for the re-evaluation last year were awarded lower marks than what was due to them, the board decided to introduce stringent measures to reduce such errors. He disclosed that in some of the answer scripts given to the board for reevaluation in 2010, a variation of 20 per cent was found.

Over 31,500 evaluators will assess 1.07 crore answer scripts. The process will be completed within 25 days.
Responding to rumours that several private college lecturers have decided to give Intermediate evaluation a miss, the BIE secretary said the board has 31,573 assistant examiners, 4,270 chief examiners, 4,711 scrutiniser, 1,617 second scrutinisers and 476 subject experts.

“We have got enough evaluators. If those figuring on the current list of evaluators do not turn up, board will take action against them too,” said Balaramaiah.

“We do not want the evaluators to finish their job in haste, hence decided to give them only one half of the answer scripts to be evaluated in each session,” said the secretary adding that after evaluation, each script will be scrutinised twice by two scrutinisers.

The board has also decided to conduct re-exam for 24 students whose answer scripts were damaged in an accident in Warangal recently. The date for the re-exam will be announced later, the BIE said.

Source : TOI

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