CAT aspirants hope for fewer hurdles this year

CAT aspirants hope for fewer hurdles this year

Having burnt its fingers last year with the online CAT exams, the IIMs are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the exam goes off smoothly this year. IIMs, along with their US based partners Prometrics, have uploaded preparatory videos on their website and on YouTube, so students can understand how to navigate through the exam. This apart, there would also be mock CAT tests held a month before the real thing. Also, the CAT shall be spread across 20 days this year, so there is less load on the servers.

Last year, more than 17,000 applicants suffered because of navigational difficulties and because the servers kept crashing. Nandini Dasgupta says she went through a torrid time during last year’s CAT because of the servers crashing repeatedly.
“They should use more powerful servers that don’t crash as easily. The mock CATs and the videos were all fine and quite helpful. But nothing will make any sense if things go awry on the D-day,” she said.

Aditya Krishnan says holding the exams across 20 days would mean the IIM will need to come up with 20 different sets of question papers. “Last year, there were a lot of complaints about some sets being easier than the others and about the IIMs normalising scores. If there were so many problems for just four sets of questions last year, then imagine what would be the scene this time,” he said.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

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