Don’t shift practicals: Colleges

Don't shift practicals: Colleges Don’t shift practicals: Colleges .Don't shift practicals: Colleges

The state government is facing immense pressure from junior colleges that do not want the state to implement the “jumbling system” for the Intermediate practical exams that will be held in February 2011.

The government has already made two attempts to implement jumbling in the practical exams in order to check malpractice, but it reversed its decision owing to pressure from the colleges.

In the jumbling system, candidates of a particular college appear for the exams
in another college. The jumbling system is used for the theory examinations and it has helped curtail malpractice to a large extent.

There were complaints that the managements of certain colleges were influencing the officials to get better scores for their students. These complaints gained credence when over 90 per cent of students in certain corporate colleges secured 100 per cent marks in the practical exams every year.

The managements of the colleges have been arguing that jumbling in practical exams was “impractical” as many government colleges and even private colleges located in rural areas do not have the adequate laboratory facilities. The managements said that the performance of their students could be affected if they had to give an exam in an under equipped college.

Meanwhile, the minister for secondary education, Mr
D. Manikya Vara Prasada Rao, said that, “The colleges have submitted a representation to the government to reconsider its decision. The colleges said the government should first ensure that all colleges can provide the adequate laboratory facilities and only then should the government implement jumbling.” The minister refuted the colleges’ claim and said that the officials have identified colleges with good laboratory facilities. “They have already informed the colleges about the facilities and the equipment that is required for the exams,” said Mr Rao.


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