Eamcet may go IIT way with jumbled question paper system.

HYDERABAD: Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) authorities have decided to go the IIT, IIM way this Eamcet to prevent any examination fraud. In consultation with communication and intelligence wings of the police department, the university authorities have decided to introduce a jumbled question paper system where question numbers in each of the sets (A/B/C/D) will not match with one another.

Police officials revealed that students who tried to cheat in the medical examination of Eamcet-2010 used bluetooth-enabled devices to do so as question numbers were the same in all the four sets of papers.

To prevent any such malpractice, questions in each of the sets will be jumbled. Also, the four optional answers for each of the questions will be in different order in each set, thereby making it virtually impossible for students to copy from one another.

In Eamcet-2011 to be held in May this year, like the IIT and IIM entrance test question papers, the serial numbers in each of the set will not match. Even students in the same examination hall will not be allowed to sit in ascending order of their hall ticket numbers this year. The seats will be allotted randomly.

Making the process even more fool-proof, authorities are planning to place cellphone signal jammers at some of the problematic centres.

“Several new measures introduced last year to reduce errors will be continued even this year also. This would include a fresh question bank and rechecking the questions several times to prevent errors before sending for printing,” said D N Reddy, vice-chancellor, JNTU and chairman, Eamcet committee. He said that the first meeting of the committee to decide on the notification dates of Eamcet will be held on January 29.

Source : TOI

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