India protests trackers on Tri-Valley students.

India on Saturday reacted strongly to the US authorities tying a tracker on Indian students duped by a California-based “sham” university, terming it “unwarranted” and demanding its removal.

The government also said it was “seriously concerned” about the impact of the US federal action against Tri Valley University on the Indian students enrolled at the now-closed university.

India asked the US to take a “lenient” view of the stu
dents allegedly duped by the university amid reports that they were forced to wear radio collars around their ankles so that US authorities can track their movements.

“We have conveyed to the US authorities that the students, most of whom are victims, must be treated fairly and reasonably and that the use of monitors on a group of students, who were detained and later released with monitors in accordance with US laws, is unwarranted and should be removed,” an MEA statement said.

The MEA also called the deputy chief of the US embassy, Mr Donald Lu,
and told him the students should be treated well and given adequate opportunity to clarify their position.

“The students should be given ample opportunity to clarify their position and present their case, and those who wish to return to India should be allowed to do so voluntarily. And those students who have not violated any visa or immigration laws should be given an opportunity to adjust their status, and those who are eligible to seek transfer to other universities should be given adequate opportunity and time to do so,” the statement said.

Source : DC

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