Industries losing Rs 110cr every day.

The industrial sector is reporting a production loss of Rs 110 crore a day following the 15 per cent shortfall of power due to the Telangana employees strike which entered its ninth day on Wednesday. The RTC, meanwhile, put on hold its decision to sack contract employees who are on strike. A number of industries in Ranga Reddy and Medak district have shut down temporarily due to prolonged load shedding. “The worst hit by the power shortage are the medium and small enterprises which do not have generation capacity of their own,” said Mr Rajeshwar Rao, secretary of the Federation of AP Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

About 15 per cent of overall production losses are being reported causing approximately a loss of Rs 110 crore daily, he said adding “Many companies are choosing to not run to avoid loss of wages.” The IT hub in Madhapur is facing six-hour power cuts daily apart from the two-hour power cuts imposed in the area. Most of the bigger IT companies maintain back-up, but Mr P. Suresh, IT and ITES Industry Association president pointed out, “The power cuts are resulting in huge increase of operational costs for IT companies.”

But ministers and VIPs dwelling in Ministers Quarters (Road No 12, Banjara Hills) remained immune to power cuts. According to an aide of a senior minister there have been no power cuts in the area. This while a number of areas in the city reported multiple power shutdowns, as against the two-hour power cuts announced officially. Government websites went offline due to power failure, while many departments had difficulty finding internet connectivity and could not send or receive emails. The website of the ‘Centre for Good Governance’ remained offline through the day citing power failure.

Source : DC

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