JNTU-HYD Website can be easily Hacked!

This was proved earlier today and before too. I was surfing JNTU Hyderabad’s website and found something strange!

Here’s the look…

JNTU-HYD Website can be easily Hacked!

I was aware of the fact that it is a kind of Phishing and was not published by iBongo (The one who maintains the JNTU-H website) knowingly I gave a try to click the link which had taken me to the below pic…

JNTU-HYD Website can be easily Hacked!

The URL in the above pic clearly displays that it is a method of stealing your Facebook accounts and other accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter etc and we have noticed such security vulnerabilities in the past too…

I want to aware all the JNTU students on behalf of our website to stay away from clicking such suspicious links which can cost your valuable accounts or personal data.

Beware Hackers at Play!

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