Move over tech grads: IT firms.

A shift in the hiring pattern of IT companies and BPOs has been noticed. As companies are increasingly resorting to cost-cutting measures, instead of hiring only engineering graduates, companies are recruiting normal graduates for all lower level jobs. Simultaneously, the tech student fraternity is apprehensive about ending up working for Call centres or a BPO and so, most engineering graduates are opting for further studies, especially MBA and MCA courses.

“Hiring has seriously decreased in Andhra Pradesh and moreover, a clear shift in the hiring pattern has emerged recently. Unlike earlier trends, there is lesser demand for engineering graduates. These professionals are hired for a few posts, while for the rest of the posts, like working under a team leader, graduates from any stream are being recruited,” said a senior JKC official. The hiring pattern on one hand is benefiting normal graduates, and on the other, is benefiting the companies recruiting them. The management is able to achieve cost cutting targets to some extent as the salaries paid to non-engineering graduates is between 1.5 to 2.5 lakhs per annum for entry level jobs.

In case of entry level tech graduates the package is double to begin with. The general graduates on the other hand are perfect candidates for the BPO jobs since tech ones graduates are deemed overqualified for such jobs. “Meanwhile, tech students are eager to make the most of the fee reimbursement scheme of the government and are opting for additional qualifications with MBA and MCA courses being their preferred choice. This way they acquire extra qualifications and demand better salaries, and also they do not have to think about the fees!” the JKC official added.

Source : DC

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