SHOCKING! Over 82% Indian IT engineers unemployable

The national employability report compiled by Aspiring Minds revealed that only 17.45 percent of technical graduates in the country are ready to be employed. What this also means is that the rest, that is, 82.55 per cent, engineering graduates are unemployable.

Aspiring Minds, an employee assessment service provider recently released its annual national employability report which had alarming findings.

The survey that was conducted among technical graduates who graduated in 2011 from various parts of the country revealed that among the 5 lakh engineers who graduated last year, only 17.45 per cent are employable.

It further revealed that there are considerably more number of male students pursuing engineering and that the ratio of male-to-female engineers (1.96), is much lower than that of other countries, such as United States of America (4.61)

The report was compiled after sampling more than 55,000 engineering students who graduated in 2011 from 250+ engineering colleges across multiple Indian states. The analysis and findings of this report were based on the results of these students on AMCAT: Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test, a standardised employability test.

AMCAT covered all objective parameters for determining employability in the IT/ITeS sector such as English communication, quantitative aptitude, problem-solving skills and computer science and programming skills.

The employability report identifies patterns in employability across different regions and kinds of colleges, analysing in detail the distribution of employability.

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