States with fewer colleges produce better engineers.

Hyderabad, Nov 02 : A.P. has 721 engg. colleges with 12.73 p.c. employment, while Jharkhand has 17 colleges with 39.63 p.c. employment. Just 12.73 per cent of engineering students of the State get employed in IT services and 1.24 per cent in the IT product services compared to 39.63 per cent and 14.32 per cent respectively in a ‘backward’ state like Jharkhand.

Andhra Pradesh has 721 engineering colleges while Jharkhand has just 17 colleges. The figures might look startling but the states with large number of colleges suffer with low employable quality of candidates while small states with very few engineering colleges produce better engineers, according to a study by Aspiring Minds, a leading employability measurement company.

The research assumes importance in the wake of all the States asking the AICTE not to permit more engineering colleges. Bigger states like Tamil Nadu and Maharasthra face a similar problem. In Tamil Nadu employability in IT services is just 8.33 per cent for its 595 colleges and in Maharashtra it is 14.28 per cent for its 469 colleges.

In comparison Delhi has 35 colleges while 39.76 per cent of candidates are employable in IT services while Himachal Pradesh has 21 colleges with 39.88 per cent candidates employable. The research is based on employability scores of over three lakh students. Tamil Nadu with more than 550 engineering schools has only one in every 12 engineers employable for an IT services company, while states like Rajasthan and Punjab with colleges between 100 and 200 have one in every five engineers employable.

In Bihar and Jharkhand one in every three engineers are employable and they have only 35 colleges. The study concludes that candidates with no bent of mind for engineering studies are joining just because of the availability of seats thus lowering the value of engineers.

“These findings clearly point out that opening more number of colleges is not the solution but improving skills. In fact, more colleges are creating a higher percent of unemployable engineers leading to social risks of frustration among ‘qualified’ engineers,” feels Himanshu Aggarwal, Co-Founder and Director of Aspiring Minds. “Research last year had pointed out that only four per cent engineers are employable in IT product and 18 per cent in IT services.”

TN with more than 550 engg. colleges has one in every 12 engineers employable in IT services. Rajasthan, Punjab with colleges between 100 and 200 have one in every 5 engineers employable

Source : The Hindu

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