Students stuck in US, AP unmoved

The government seems to be least bothered about the fate of the 500 students from the state who were duped by the Tri-Valley University in Pleasanton, a suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area in the US.
The situation, in fact, might be more serious than earlier thought as a number of students have been detained and are being interrogated by US Federal authorities as part of their investigation against the University.

Meanwhile back home, worried parents expressed their anger at the state government for not coming to their aid despite the news breaking out on January 25. “We have made several attempts to meet the minister heading Overseas Affairs in the state but in vain. Shockingly, none of the officials in the Secretariat are in a position to say who the minister for Overseas Affairs is.

Till recently, it was headed by Mr Sridhar Babu. However, with the change in portfolios, we were informed that Mr Sridhar Babu is no longer incharge.

His staff informed that the portfolio had not been allotted to anyone and the Chief Minister, Mr N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, himself was monitoring it. But the Chief Minister is not in the city due to the ongoing Rachchabanda programme. We are confused about whom to approach,” said Mr Bhargava Ramakrishna, father of Mr Bhargava Sandeep, who took admission in Tri-Valley University in June last year. Some worried parents of students, who were duped by the Tri-Valley University in Pleasanton, a suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area in the US, even called up the office of the Union ministry of external affairs for help. “We were informed that the ministry has sought a report from its missions in the US. They told us that none of the affected students had approached the Indian Consulate in the US for help so far. They said they will take up the issue with the US government after it got the report from the Indian Consulate,” said Mr Jafar Ahmed, brother of Mr Azam Ahmed, another student at Tri-Valley University. Some parents are more worried as they have lost contact with their children.
“I am trying to talk to my son since yesterday but his mobile phone is switchedoff. I am worried that he may be detained by the US police and that’s why he is not in a position to keep his mobile on,” said Mr K.
Jagadish Chandra, father of Mr Sandeep Chandra.

Parents said that the university had duped them after collecting `6 lakh as fees by deputing several brokers in the city to make admissions with false claims.

Source : DC

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