Telangana March: Inter exam gets relief; CBSE, ICSE hit.

HYDERABAD: In a major relief for students appearing for the Intermediate Board exams, the Telangana JAC and TRS said on Monday that the ‘Million March’ on March 10 would now be held between 1pm and 4pm. But the changed timing would still hit CBSE and ICSE students hard as their exams are slated in the afternoon.

“The Million March on March 10 will be held between 1pm and 4pm,” Telangana JAC convenor M Kodandaram said on Monday. He insisted that at least 10 lakh people from Telangana districts would march to the state capital but instead of converging at four places as planned earlier, they would now stage a massive rally on Tank Bund road.

The Inter exams that began in the state on Monday are being held between 8am and 11am and approximately 9 lakh students from the region will be appearing for the English-II paper on March 10. “With T protesters deferring the march to afternoon, Inter students should be able to write the exam without any hitch. If at all, they may face some problems in returning home,” said an official.

But CBSE and ICSE students appearing for their Boards would have to bear the brunt of the rally. The social sciences paper for CBSE class X is scheduled for 10.30am-1.30pm on March 10. “These students can expect trouble during the second half of the exam and in returning home,” said the official, adding that most of the 17,500 CBSE students in the state are from Hyderabad.

In the case of the ICSE board, a few hundred class XII students are slated to appear for the commerce paper from 2pm-5pm on March 10. “Although ICSE students in the state may not be that many as compared to the Inter and CBSE students, they are surely going to be the most hit by the ‘Million March’. Any disruption can affect their chances in appearing for all-India exams and threaten their academic career,” a source said.

Despite Monday’s statement, the differences between Telangana JAC and TRS on the ‘Million March’ is said to be widening. While Kodandaram said at least 10 lakh people would participate, TRS sources termed it an impossible number and said that they would be happy if even a lakh turned up. At the press meet, Kodandaram did in fact admit to differences. While TRS was for postponement, others wanted it to be held on March 10. However, the issue was sorted out at the steering committee meeting, the Telangana JAC convenor claimed.

Source : TOI

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