Telangana strike: Private education institutes firm on reopening.

The managements of educational institutions have decided to reopen the institutions from Monday after 22 days on account of the on-going Sakala Janula Samme stating that they are under immense pressure from parents.

However, government schools and colleges will remain closed since teachers and lecturers are continuing the strike.

On Sunday, parents in Kukatpally held a massive rally asking the managements to re-open the schools from Monday. They raised slogans against political parties and leaders saying that they were playing with the lives of students who had no role to play in the formation of a T-state.

However, lack of public transportation is a concern since 70 per cent of the students depend on RTC buses while the institutions provide transportation for only 30 per cent of the students. The problem is compounded as the managements do not want to ply their own buses fearing attacks from T-activists.

Students will thus have to make their own transport arrangements to attend classes. Students of professional colleges, especially engineering students, will be the worst affected as most of the colleges are located in the city outskirts and are solely dependent on RTC buses.

However, none of the associations representing schools and colleges in the T-region were willing to come on record regarding reopening the schools from Monday stating that it would only invite trouble from T-activists.

We have informed parents and students by SMS and e-mails regarding re-opening of schools from Monday. The schools will be open and its up to the parents and students to make their own transport arrangements. We have received innumerable calls from parents since Dasara asking us to open the schools immediately.”

“We are under immense pressure from parents and have no other option but to open the schools from Monday, said a representative of Telangana Recognised Private Schools Managements Association.

Source : DC

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