Tips to Study Physics More Effectively

Tips to Study Physics More Effectively

Physics, the subject which teaches us that everything happens for a reason and to understand the reason, we study physics. Many times we come across a concept or formula which makes us doubtful whether it can be understood or not. With a descriptive use of images, graphs, charts, formulas and even problems can make your mind go nuts. Don’t worry, we have got your back with tips to study physics in a more effective manner. 

  1. The Feynman Technique- This technique is not as sophisticated as its sounds, it means you can pretty much learn anything by teaching someone else in simple terms, whether it is a concept you don’t really get or you try to recall an already learnt concept. By teaching somebody in a simplistic manner, you can illustrate clearly the dense topics such as Parallel axis theorem and many more. While explaining, write down everything you know about the topic and even add if you learnt something new about the topic.
  1. Reading out loud while learning- It is always advisable to speak the text while learning so that you can hear yourself. It is the proven secret to learn major formulas and concepts. Reading loud always helps whether you are preparing for the test tomorrow or preparing for any competitive exams which requires you to remember the concepts. By knowing what you are reading, the brain processes information effectively and helps in retention of learned concepts.
  1. Practicing with Writing– Physics is a subject just like mathematics, where, you will be facing numerous formulas and their application in real world problems. Practicing those formulas with various examples and solving problems will promise you victory in tackling complex physics concepts like Buoyant force and many others. Keeping a habit of writing while practicing has helped many great physicians and scientists achieve remarkable success in their career.
  1. Start Solving- ‘Put the formula, get the answer’ is a very popular saying when it comes to arithmetic subjects such as Physics and Maths. By solving questions after questions and asking any doubt which comes along, will make learning physics very easy because while solving, you will have a purpose and that is to answer the question in hand, that makes one focus on the task and the concepts will stick to the mind.
  1. Relax- Subjects like Physics and Maths cannot be learned when you are under stress because the brain loses the potential when it experiences stress and experiences difficulties while solving the complex problems. So relax a bit and get away from all kinds of distractions and start.


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