Top Rankers for Sale !!

If an institution in AP claims that the top ranker in SSC, HSC, Intermediate, EAMCET or even IIT-JEE is trained by it, never take it for granted. Just dont believe it outright.

It is not that the students trained by the high profile corporate educational institutions like Narayana and Sri Chaitanya are not getting ranks. They may get ranks no doubt but these institutions are also claiming ranks that are not theirs originally. You may wonder how this could be possible.
Yes, it is possible only in India and no where on Earth. The modus operandi of the corporate educational institutions is very simple.
They would catch hold of a top ranker and claim that the student was trained by it. The ranker might have got the rank by his own study and hard work. Or, he might also have been trained by an insignificant educational institution. But, that doesnt matter.
The corporate institutions would queue up before the rankers houses and bargain with their parents, pay them handsome amount ranging anything from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.20 lakh for agreeing to lend their names to the institutions.
The present market rate for such educational endorsements in AP from top rankers would vary depending on the course. Class X toppers lend their names for Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh, while an Intermediate topper will get anything up to Rs.7 lakh. And the IIT-JEE toppers would get the best. The institutions are ready to shell down up to Rs.20 lakh for such endorsements. In most cases, parents of the toppers go for the most lucrative offer.
While this years SSC topper P Venkata Sai has sold out his name for two educational institutions, IIT-JEE topper Prudhvi Tej has endorsed as many as six educational institutions. What is stunning is that there are some professional brokers working in this field to negotiate between the parents of rankers and the institutions. They are awarded with a commission of nearly 25 per cent.

Rankers sell themselves for anything
between Rs.1 lakh and Rs.20 lakh

Sources said the corporate bodies poach on institutions like Chukka Ramaiah coaching centre and the like which do not go after publicity. The brokers catch hold of the students who stand top in mock entrance tests at such institutions and pay even advances to them after the bargaining with their parents. Now, you can understand there goes advanced
planning into this educational business.
Not only that, these corporate institutions get information of the results first through their network and with in minutes start bargaining with parents of rankers on the results day. This way they take credit for training the rankers, though the practical training is not given by them.

Why do they do it? With such great claims, they attract more students and that means more money for them. Being attracted to the endorsements, you join your son or daughter in that particular institution but there is no guarantee that your ward will get even the minimum rank.

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