Uncertainty over reopening of Educational Institutions, Hyderabad.

Hyderabad : As the ‘holidays’ declared by the college managements owing to the general strike come to an end on Sunday, students and managements are not sure whether educational institutions will be reopened or not.

Though the managements desperately want to resume classes, fear factor seems to be working on the managements belonging to people from the Coastal Andhra region. Colleges run by Telangana region people, however, are bit confident of starting the classes from Monday. “There is lot of pressure from parents to open colleges but we are worried about the opposition from parties and groups supporting the general strike. We will be the first target,” admits correspondent of an engineering college.

He says managements from Telangana region can at least request the protestors and explain their view point. “But we will not be in a position to even talk to them as they will accuse us of belittling the movement,” he says. However, different associations of college managements are confident that the protesters will not have objection to opening the colleges.

“We have already lost 25 days and the future of our students will be in jeopardy if the closure continues. First year students have hardly attended classes while final year students are serious about their preparations for exams and their plans of higher studies,” said the principal of an engineering college. “We have extended our support to the Telangana agitation and now the JAC should give the education sector some space to put things back on track,” said correspondent of a college, who is a strong supporter of Telangana cause.

Another factor worrying the colleges and students is the beginning of the placement season. This is the time companies, look to visit colleges for placements and the schedule will go haywire if the closure continues.

Source : The Hindu

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