Weightage marks in IIIT violate rules, says HC.

HYDERABAD: Noting that it is not enough to have laudable objectives, but it is also essential to implement them in a manner that is acceptable to law, justice Naushad Ali of the AP High Court on Friday found fault with the state government and the Rajiv Gandhi technical knowledge universities in the state for filling the IIIT seats in a discriminate manner through weightage of marks in a way that is going against the very statute under which the university came into existence.

These IIITs admit students for a six-year integrated B Tech course from amongst those who passed SSC.

The judge declared as illegal the current granting of 4% weightage marks to the students of government schools alone.

Several students of private schools, both aided and unaided, challenged the state’s decision to give weightage marks only to those from the government schools. They urged the court to direct the state to extend the same facility to them as well.

Though the advocate general told the court that the objective of the state in this regard is noble as it was introduced with an aim to encourage those from the rural areas and deprived sections, the judge pointed out that this was done without amending the rules of the university.

The judge directed the university to conduct the process of admissions in accordance with 13(4) of the University Act which means that the state has to now do it in the old manner and not with the 4% weightage marks method.

Source : DC

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