World Cricket International Calendar Fixtures Schedule.

India’s tour of South Africa, Dec 2010-Jan 2011
Dec 16-20First TestCenturion1400 IST
Dec 26-30Second TestDurban1400 IST
Jan 2-6Third TestCape Town1400 IST
Jan 9Twenty20 International (D/N)Durban1800 IST
Jan 12First ODIDurban1430 IST
Jan 15Second ODIJohannesburg1430 IST
Jan 18Third ODICape Town1430 IST
Jan 21Fourth ODIPort Elizabeth1430 IST
Jan 23Fifth ODICenturion1430 IST
England’s tour of Australia, Nov 2010-Jan 2011
Nov 25-29First TestBrisbane0530 IST
Dec 3-7Second TestAdelaide0500 IST
Dec 16-20Third TestPerth0800 IST
Dec 26-30Fourth TestMelbourne0530 IST
Jan 3-7Fifth TestSydney0530 IST
Jan 12First T20I (D/N)Adelaide1405 IST
Jan 14Second T20I (D/N)Melbourne1405 IST
Jan 16First ODIMelbourne0850 IST
Jan 21Second ODIHobart0850 IST
Jan 23Third ODISydney0850 IST
Jan 26Fourth ODIAdelaide0850 IST
Jan 30Fifth ODIBrisbane0850 IST
Feb 2Sixth ODISydney0850 IST
Feb 6Seventh ODIPerth0850 IST
Pakistan vs South Afria in UAE, Oct-Nov 2010
Oct 26First T20I (D/N)Abu Dhabi2130 IST
Oct 27Second T20I (D/N)Abu Dhabi2130 IST
Oct 29First ODI (D/N)Abu Dhabi1630 IST
Oct 31Second ODI (D/N)Abu Dhabi1630 IST
Nov 2Third ODI (D/N)Dubai1630 IST
Nov 5Fourth ODI (D/N)Dubai1630 IST
Nov 8Fifth ODI (D/N)Dubai1630 IST
Nov 12-16First TestDubai1130 IST
Nov 20-24Second TestAbu Dhabi1130 IST
West Indies tour of Sri Lanka, Nov-Dec 2010
Nov 15-19First TestGalle1000 IST
Nov 23-27Second TestColombo (RPS)1000 IST
Dec 1-5Third TestPallekele1000 IST
Dec 9First ODI (D/N)Hambanthota1430 IST
Dec 11Second ODI (D/N)Hambanthota1430 IST
Dec 15Third ODI (D/N)Colombo (RPS)1430 IST
Dec 17Fourth ODI (D/N)Colombo (RPS)1430 IST
Dec 19Fifth ODI (D/N)Colombo (RPS)1430 IST
Dec 21Twenty20 International (D/N)Colombo (RPS)1900 IST
Zimbabwe’s tour of Bangladesh, Dec 2010
Dec 1First ODIMirpur0900 IST
Dec 3Second ODIMirpur0900 IST
Dec 6Third ODI (D/N)Mirpur1400 IST
Dec 10Fourth ODIChittagong0900 IST
Dec 12Fifth ODIChittagong0900 IST
Pakistan’s tour of New Zealand Dec 2010-Feb 2011
Dec 26First T20IAuckland0630 IST
Dec 28Second T20I (D/N)Hamilton1130 IST
Dec 30Third T20I (D/N)Christchurch1130 IST
Dec 16-20First TestHamilton0330 IST
Dec 26-30Second TestWellington0330 IST
Jan 12First ODI (D/N)Wellington0630 IST
Jan 15Second ODIQueenstown0330 IST
Jan 18Third ODI (D/N)Christchurch0630 IST
Jan 21Fourth ODI (D/N)Napier0630 IST
Jan 23Fifth ODI (D/N)Hamilton0630 IST
Jan 23Sixth ODIAuckland0330 IST
World Cup 2011, Feb-April 2011
DateMatchVenueTime (IST)
Feb 19, 2011Bangladesh vs IndiaDhaka1400
Feb 20, 2011New Zealand vs KenyaChennai0930
Feb 20, 2011Sri Lanka vs CanadaHambantota1430
Feb 21, 2011Australia vs ZimbabweAhmedabad1430
Feb 22, 2011England vs NetherlandsNagpur1430
Feb 23, 2011Pakistan vs KenyaHambantota1430
Feb 24, 2011South Africa vs West IndiesNew Delhi1430
Feb 25, 2011Australia vs New ZealandNagpur0930
Feb 25, 2011Bangladesh vs IrelandDhaka1400
Feb 26, 2011Sri Lanka vs PakistanColombo1430
Feb 27, 2011India vs EnglandKolkata1430
Feb 28, 2011Zimbabwe vs CanadaNagpur0930
Feb 28, 2011West Indies vs NetherlandsNew Delhi1430
March 1, 2011Sri Lanka vs KenyaColombo1430
March 2, 2011England vs IrelandBangalore1430
March 3, 2011South Africa vs NetherlandsMohali0930
March 3, 2011Pakistan vs CanadaColombo1430
March 4, 2011New Zealand vs ZimbabweAhmedabad0930
March 4, 2011Bangladesh vs West IndiesDhaka1430
March 5, 2011Sri Lanka vs AustraliaColombo1430
March 6, 2011England vs South AfricaChennai0930
March 6, 2011India vs IrelandBangalore1430
March 7, 2011Kenya vs CanadaNew Delhi1430
March 8, 2011Pakistan vs New ZealandPallekele1430
March 9, 2011India vs NetherlandsNew Delhi1430
March 10, 2011Sri Lanka vs ZimbabwePallekele1430
March 11, 2011West Indies vs IrelandMohali0930
March 11, 2011Bangladesh vs EnglandChittagong1430
March 12, 2011India vs South AfricaNagpur1430
March 13, 2011New Zealand vs CanadaMumbai0930
March 13, 2011Australia vs KenyaBangalore1430
March 14, 2011Bangladesh vs NetherlandsChittagong0900
March 14, 2011Pakistan vs ZimbabwePallekele1430
March 15, 2011South Africa vs IrelandKolkata1430
March 16, 2011Australia vs CanadaBangalore1430
March 17, 2011England vs West IndiesChennai1430
March 18, 2011Ireland vs NetherlandsKolkata0930
March 18, 2011Sri Lanka vs New ZealandMumbai1430
March 19, 2011Bangladesh vs South AfricaDhaka0900
March 19, 2011Australia vs PakistanColombo1430
March 20, 2011Zimbabwe vs KenyaKolkata0930
March 20, 2011India vs West IndiesChennai1430
March 23, 2011First Quarter-finalDhaka1400
March 24, 2011Second Quarter-finalAhmedabad1430
March 26, 2011Third Quarter-finalDhaka1400
March 25, 2011Fourth Quarter-finalColombo1430
March 29, 2011First Semi-finalColombo1430
March 30, 2011Second Semi-finalMohali1430
April 2, 2011FINALMumbai1430

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