GTU Degree Pharmacy Sep 2009 Question Papers – Gujarat Technological University

Degree Pharmacy GTU Exam. Completed Q-Papers

Second Semester Remedial
07-09-09 220001-Applied Mathematics (Biostatistics)
07-09-09 220002-Pharmaceutics-II
08-09-09 220003-Pharm Chemistry-II
10-09-09 220004-APHE-II
09-09-09 220005-Pharmacognosy – I
11-09-09 220006-Physical Pharmacy
Second Semester Regular
08-06-09 220001-Applied Mathematics (Biostatistics)
09-06-09 220002-Pharmaceutics-II
10-06-09 220003-Pharm Chemistry-II
11-06-09 220004-APHE-II
12-06-09 220005-Pharmacognosy – I
15-06-09 220006-Physical Pharmacy
First Semester Remedial
16-03-09210001-Anatomy Physiology & Health Education
16-03-09210002-Basic Computer Applications
17-03-09210003-Pharm Chemistry-I
17-03-09210004-Pharmaceutical Engineering
18-03-09 210005-Pharmaceutics-I
18-03-09210006-Elementary (remedial) Mathematics
First Semester Regular
17-12-08 210001-Anatomy Physiology & Health Education
19-12-08 210002-Basic Computer Applications
24-12-08 210003-Pharm Chemistry-I
26-12-08 210004-Pharmaceutical Engineering
29-12-08 210005-Pharmaceutics-I
31-12-08 210006-Elementary (remedial) Mathematics

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