RGUHS – B.Sc Nursing 1st Year Anatomy And Physiology Important Questions

RGUHS- B.Sc Nursing First Year Subject : Anatomy And Physiology Important Questions (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences)

Nursing Important Questions

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Long Questions

1 Describe the synovial joints under the following headings:
a) Common structures b) Types with examples
2 Describe the stomach
3 Describe the position, supports and blood supply of uterus
4 Describe the salivary glands in detail
5 Classify the joints with examples
6 Describe the Gross Anatomy of stomach. (b) Add a note supply and Lymphatic drainage.
7 Describe the female reproductive system.
8 Describe heart in detail.
9 Name the parts of excretory system. Describe kidney in detail.
10 Describe the liver in detail and its histology
11 Name the salivary glands, where do they open and describe the parotid gland in detail
12 Classify the bones with examples, and microstructure. Give detailed account of humerus
The connective tissue
13 Parts of large intestine and differences from small intestine
Femoral nerve
The testis
Fallopian tube
Typical spinal nerve its formation and distribution
The medulla oblongata
The peritoneum and its functions
14 Enumerate different parts of female reproductive system. Describe the uterus in details
15 Enumerate the different parts of alimentary system. Describe the stomach in details
16 Describe the autonomic nervous system
17 Describe the thyroid gland
18 Describe the ventricles of the heart

Short Essay Questions

1 Pericardium
2 Gall bladder
3 Gluteus maximus
4 Ankle joint
5 Superior venacava
6 Hilum of lungs
7 Parathyroid glands
8 Left ureter
9 Femur
10 Spongy bone
11 Dorsalis pedis artery
12 Pituitary gland
13 Circle of willis
14 Testis
15 Retina
16 Upper end of femur
17 Urinary bladder
18 Tongue
19 Thoracic duct
20 Uterus
21 Spleen
22 Cerebellum
23 Suprarenal glands
24 Where are the islet of langerhans found and give their functions
25 Name the valves of the heart and the chambers which they connect
26 Name the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall
27 What are fontanelle and where are they found?
28 Give the attachments of biceps brachii and its nerve supply
29 What is radial artery a branch of? Give its clinical importance
30 Name the divisions of the autonomic nervous system and give their functions
31 Name the bones forming the wrist joint
32 Name the important lymphatic tissues of the body and their functions
33 Give the total number of ribs and name the parts of a typical rib
34 Pancreas
35 Pituitary gland
36 Deltoid muscle
37 Lung
38 Islets of langerhans
39 Ectopic pregnancy
40 Classify the connective tissue
41 Name the components of nerve tissue Describe the nerve cells
42 Urinary bladder
43 Spleen
44 Classify the cartilage
45 Deltoid muscle
46 Name the bones forming nasal septum
47 Hyaline cartilage
48 Mitochondria
49 Name any two sensory tracts in spinal cord
50 Name the parts of hind brain
51 Rods and Cones of eyeball
52 Name the ear ossicles
53 Sagittal section
54 Name the parts of colon
55 Median cubital vein
56 Platelets
57 Name three tarsal bones
58 Axis
59 Cisterna chili
60 Taenia colli
61 QP
62 Microscopic structures of pancreas
63 Name the parts of brain stem
64 Name four muscles of larynx
65 Give the attachments of biceps brachii muscle
66 Name the air sinuses opening into middle meatus of nose
67 Name four branches of femoral nerve
68 Name any four carpal bones
69 Name the branches of external carotid artery
70 Name the salivary glands
71 Parts of epididymis
72 Differences between large and small intestine
73 Histology of large artery
74 Femur
75 Draw a diagram of heart and label
76 Structures passing through the hilum of kidney
77 Name the cranial nerves
78 Give the branches of abdominal aorta
79 Name the bones of upper limb
80 Name the ligaments that hold the uterus to its normal position
81 Name any two exocrine glands
82 What is pelvimetry?
83 Nissl bodies
84 Give the origin and termination of the thoracic duct
85 Name the organelles of the cell
86 Name any muscles of the back
87 Name the branches of femoral nerve
88 What is retinaculum? Give its function
89 Pisiform bone


Long Questions
Describe the menstrual cycle in detail
2 Classify Leukocytes Describe the structure and functions of leucocytes
3 Define Landsteiner’s law Describe the Rh blood group system and add a note on consequences
of Rh incompatibility
4 Mention the endocrine glands and list the hormones secreted by all of them List the functions of

Short Questions 

1.Draw a labelled Normal ECG curve
2 Factors affecting blood pressure
3 Neural regulation of respiration
4 Functions of blood
5 Heart sounds
6 Describe various lung volumes and capacities
7 Micturition reflux
8 Neuro muscular junction
9 Functions of platelets
10 Different methods of artificial respiration
11 Functions of skin
12 Mention the different refractive errors of the eye and explain any two of them with diagram
13 Name six blood clotting factors
14 Name actions of any three pituitary hormones
15 Functions of skin
16 Reflex arch
17 Describe action potential
18 Heart sounds
19 Functions of Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
20 Mention four family planning methods in females
21 All or None law

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