JNTU Anantapur B.Tech 4th Year 1st Sem 2017 Question Papers Of All Branches (R15, R13, R09) Regular & Supplementary

We uploaded all the B-Tech Fourth year first semester June/July 2017 Question Papers Of All Branches Regular & Supplementary R15, R13 and R09 question papers of JNTU Anantapur(Jawaharlal nehru technological university) university. These papers are useful to all the 200+ engineering colleges which are affiliated to JNTU Anantapur.

Following branches question papers are uploaded

CE (Civil Engineering)

CSE (Computer Science And Engineering)

ECE (Electronics And Communications Engineering)

EEE (Electrical And Electronics Engineering)

Mech Engg. (Mechnical Engineering)

JNTU ANANTAPUR (JNTUA) B.Tech Fourth year first Semester (4-1) R13 Supplementary Examinations June/July 2017 QUESTION PAPERS 

13A01701 Estimation, Costing and Valuation Download
13A01702 Geotechnical Engineering II Download
13A01703 Transportation Engineering II Download
13A01704 Design and Drawing of Irrigation Structures Download
13A01705 Ground Improvement Techniques Download
13A01706 Air Pollution and Quality Control Download
13A01707 Bridge Engineering Download
13A01708 Earth Quake Resistant Design of Structures Download
13A01709 Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Structures Download
13A02605 Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic Download
13A02701 Electrical Distribution Systems Download
13A02702 Utilization of Electrical Energy Download
13A02703 Modern Control Theory Download
13A02704 Switched Mode Power Converters Download
13A02705 Energy Auditing and Demand Side Management Download
13A02707 Flexible AC Transmission Systems Download
13A02708 Power Quality Download
13A03701 Operations Research Download
13A03702 Automation and Robotics Download
13A03703 Finite Element Methods Download
13A03704 Metrology and Measurements Download
13A03705 Automobile Engineering Download
13A03710 Production and Operations Management Download
13A04602 Digital Signal Processing Download
13A04701 VLSI Design Download
13A04702 Optical Fiber Communication Download
13A04703 Embedded Systems Download
13A04704 Digital Image Processing Download
13A04706 Wireless Communication Download
13A04707 Operating Systems Download
13A04708 Satellite Communication Download
13A05605 Software Testing Methodologies Download
13A05701 Software Architecture and Design Patterns Download
13A05702 Cryptography and Network Security Download
13A05703 Mobile Application Development Download
13A05704 Human Computer Interaction Download
13A05705 Computer Graphics and Multimedia Download
13A05706 Soft Computing Download
13A05707 Artificial Intelligence Download
13A05708 Information Retrieval Systems Download
13A05708 Information Retrieval Systems Download
13A05709 SS 13A05709 Advanced Computer Architecture Download
13A10701 Computer Control of Process Download
13A10703 Opto Electronics and Laser Instrumentation Download
13A10707 Telemetry and Telecontrol Download
13A52701 Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis Download
13A52702 Management Science Download
SS 13A02602 Power System Protection Download
SS 13A03605 Non Conventional Sources of Energy Download
SS 13A04605 Telecommunication Switching Networks Download

JNTU ANANTAPUR (JNTUA) B.Tech Fourth year first Semester (4-1) R09 Supplementary Examinations June/July 2017 QUESTION PAPERS 

9A01701 Finite Element Methods in Civil Engineering Download
9A01702 Bridge Engineering Download
9A01703 Geotechnical Engineering II Download
9A01704 Environmental Engineering II Download
9A01706 Air Pollution and Control Download
9A01707 Railways, Docks and Harbor Engineering Download
9A01708 Water Resources System Planning and Management Download
9A01709 Advanced Structural Analysis Download
9A01710 Construction Technology and Project Management Download
9A02701 Distribution of Electric Power Download
9A02702 Fundamental of HVDC and FACTS Devices Download
9A02703 Switch Gear and Protection Download
9A02704 Instrumentation Download
9A02705 High Voltage Engineering Download
9A02706 Renewable Energy Sources Download
9A02707 Soft Computing Techniques Download
9A02708 Reliability Engineering and Applications to Power Systems Download
9A02709 Optimization Techniques Download
9A02806 Embedded Systems Download
9A03606 Automobile Engineering Download
9A03701 Operations Research Download
9A03702 Automation and Robotics Download
9A03703 Finite Element Methods Download
9A03704 Instrumentation and Control Systems Download
9A03705 Entrepreneurship Download
9A03707 Mechatronics Download
9A03708 Modern Manufacturing Methods Download
9A03710 Power Plant Engineering Download
9A04602 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Download
9A04603 Digital Signal Processing Download
9A04604 Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation Download
9A04701 Embedded Real Time Operating Systems Download
9A04702 Optical Communications Download
9A04703 Radar Systems Download
9A04704 DSP Processors and Architectures Download
9A04705 T V Engineering Download
9A04706 Digital Design Through Verilog HDL Download
9A04802 Digital Image Processing Download
9A05401 Database Management Systems Download
9A05503 Computer Graphics Download
9A05505 Operating Systems Download
9A05506 Computer Networks Download
9A05605 Artificial Intelligence Download
9A05701 Web Technologies Download
9A05702 Software Testing Download
9A05703 Grid and Cluster Computing Download
9A05704 Advanced Computer Architecture Download
9A05705 Software Architecture Download
9A05706 Data Warehousing and Data Mining Download
9A05707 Software Project Management Download
9A05707 Software Project Management Download
9A05708 Network Management Systems Download
9A05709 Information Security Download
9A10701 Automation of Industrial Processes Download
9A10702 Reliability Engineering Download
9A10705 Power Plant Instrumentation Download
9A10802 Bio Medical Instrumentation Download
9A12501 Automata and Compiler Design Download
9A12601 Linux Programming Download
9A12701 SS 9A12701 Mobile Application Development Download
9A12702 Information Retrieval Systems Download
9A12703 Distributed Computing Download
9A12704 SS 9A12704 Wireless Security Download
9A12705 Enterprise Resource Planning Download
9A13701 Robotics and Automation Download
9A13701 Robotics and Automation Download
9A13705 Management and Information Systems Download
9A14701 Mechatronic Systems Download
9A15701 Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems Download
9A15705 Soft Computing Download
9A19701 Mobile Computing Download
9A21701 Finite Element and Modeling Methods Download
9A21702 Vibrations and Structural Dynamics Download
9A21703 Computational Aerodynamics Download
9A21704 Structural Analysis and Detailed Design Download
9A21707 Airport Management Download
9A21709 Rockets and Missiles Download
9A23701 Bioinformatics Download
9A23702 Process Equipment Design in Biotechnology Download
9A23703 Downstream Processing Download
9A23704 Biosensors and Bioelectronics Download
9A23707 Cancer Biology Download
9A23710 Metabolic Engineering Download
9AHS401 Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis Download
9AHS701 Management Science Download
SS 9A01701 Finite Element Methods in Civil Engineering Download
SS 9A01704 Environmental Engineering II Download
SS 9A01704 Environmental Engineering II Download
SS 9A03704 Instrumentation and Control Systems Download
SS 9A05501 Principles of Programming Languages Download

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