Info on JNTU-HYD External Exam Pattern For 1st Year (R09) Students

We are writing this posting to provide the information about the pattern of the JNTU-HYD University External Examination.This provides an idea for the first year students who are going to write their External Exams for the first time.

The following points gives you an idea about the External Exam Pattern:

1) The question papers will be of 4 sets of 8 questions each(Carries 15 Marks each), out of which 5 questions to be answered(15*5=75 Marks).

2) In the External Exams all the students will be given a booklet of 40 pages (Ruled papers).

3) The booklet consists of a Pre-printed OMR sheet with the complete details of the students like student name,name of the exam,subject code,date,year & semester etc.

4) Students need to fill the following columns in the OMR sheet.
i) set number
ii) subject code
iii) signature of the student with date.
iv) Page number of the last page written.

5) The other columns are provided for the invigilators & Exam paper valuators.

6) The following are the important points to be noted carefully.
i) There will be a Barcode present on the OMR sheet, Do not tamper that Barcode, as this may lead to the invalidation of your paper.
ii) Only the booklet of 40 papers will be provided.No extra additionals will be provided.
iii) If there are any graphs etc, will be provided separately.
iV) All the rough work should be done at the last pages of the booklet.No separate additionals will be provided.

Hope you all had got some knowledge about the External Exam.For any further queries just reply.

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