JNTU-ANANTAPUR : First year subjects-Exemption from compulsory subjects for award of Degree!

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JNTU-ANANTAPUR : First year subjects-Exemption from compulsory subjects for award of Degree!

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Proceedings of the
Present: Dr. M.Vijayakumar, M.Tech, Ph.D.
Proc.No.JNTUA/A1/B.Tech (R05) /First Year Subjects/Exemption/2010. Date:23-09-2010
Sub: – JNTUA-Academic-Planning-First year subjects-Exemption from Compulsory Subjects for
award of degree-Regarding.
Ref:-1. Note orders of the Vice-Chancellor, dated:22-09-2010.
2. Minutes of University officials meeting held on 23-09-2010.
As per B.Tech. (R05) regulations, one of the academic requirements to award degree is that the student should secure 216 credits (out of 224credits registered) with the compulsory subjects as listed below: :-
1. All the first year subjects
2. All the practical subjects
3. Industry oriented mini-project
4. Seminar
5. Project work.
Many representations from the students of this university belonging to R05 regulations are received, requesting the University to exempt I year subjects from the compulsory subjects clearing that in spite of their hard work and best effort, they are unable to pass one or two subjects of I year which are compulsory subjects to become eligible for the award of degree.
In this connection, after careful consideration of the representations, mentioned above, the Vice Chancellor is pleased to exempt all the first year subjects from the compulsory subjects, listed above. The clause No.1 of R05 regulation is hereby amended as follows:
A Student will be declared eligible for the award of B.Tech. Degree if he fulfills the following academic regulations:
i. Pursued a course of study for not less than four academic years and not more than eight
academic years.
ii. Registered for 224 credits and secured 216 credits with compulsory subjects as listed below.
1. All the practical subjects
2. Industry oriented mini-project
3. Seminar
4. Project work.
This order shall come into force for the students appeared for the examinations during April/May-2010 onwards.
All The Principals of Affiliated Engg. colleges of JNTUA.
The Principal, JNTUCE, Pulivendula.
CC PA to VC, PA to Rector, PA to Registrar.

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