JNTU Anantapur Updates – mobile alerts – sms

We have just now started a new service where you will get an SMS alert when JNTU RESULTS are announced. You will get JNTU related information.

All you need to subscribe to ?JNTU UPDATES? to receive these SMS alerts is to visit THIS LINK and login using your Google Accounts (Gmail account) and as soon as you login you will be prompted to add in your Nickname and the mobile number to verify. Once you give your mobile number, you will receive a verification code and you will need to enter that in the verification box and once done that you will need click on the box which says subscribe to JNTU UPDATES. Once you have done that, that?s all.
Wish you all the best.


Top right corner -> settings tab.. the default timings u can receive messages is from 8am to 8pm?please change it to 10pm so that you can receive alerts till 10? because results may come after 8?


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