JNTU-HYD : Reduction in Percentage of Attendance for MBA/MCA III Sem Students (For Academic Year 2011-2012).

JNTU-HYDERABAD : Reduction in Percentage of Attendance for MBA/MCA III Semester Students (For the Academic Year 2011-2012).


Several representations have been received from the students and parents of MBA and MCA students to condone the shortage of their attendance. The University has constituted a Committee to examine the shortage of attendance.

Based on the Committee report and the approval from the standing committee for the Academic senate, the Vice-Chancellor is pleased to condone the attendance which is above or equal to 40% and less than 65%, as a special case for the III Semester MBA and MCA courses of the academic year 2011-12. Accordingly, the students having the attendance, 40% and above of the total sessions/periods conducted in the respective colleges in this Semester may be condoned. This relaxation is not applicable for students of I semester MBA/MCA courses, as their I semester commenced after the disturbances.

Accordingly the following instructions are to be followed for the Academic Year 2011-2012.

1) Attendance should be given for the students who have participated in NCC, Sports and Games as per the University norms.

2) Attendance should be counted for all the candidates appearing for all the mid-term examinations.

3)† The attendance of 40% and above of the total classes conducted in the Semester † may be condoned to all the students while computing the attendance in view of the recent †† disturbances.† This is applicable for the III semester† MBA/MCA courses only.

The Principals are requested to finalize the detentions accordingly and upload to the University on or before 04-02-2012 by 05.00 PM.

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