JNTU-KAKINADA : Pre Ph.D Examinations-2011 Time Table to be held on 28-31st May 2011.

JNTU-KAKINADA : Pre Ph.D Examinations-2011 Time Table to be held on 28-31st May 2011.

Pre-Ph.D EXAMINATIONS– May 2011.




DATE: 28-05-2011
CSETime 10.00 A.M To 1.00 P.M
1Software Engineering10CS303
2Operating Systems10CS312,  09CSE24


DATE: 28-05-2011
Time 10.00 A.M To 1.00 P.M
Boundary Value Problems10MH02
4Partial Differential Equations10MH05


DATE : 30-05-2011DATE : 31-05-2011
Time 10.00 A.M To 1.00 P.MTime 10.00 A.M To 1.00 P.M
SUB NAMESUB CODESUB NAME                            SUB CODE
5Mathematical  Methods10MH03Advanced Topics In Differential Equations10MH01
6Operation Research10MH04


DATE : 30-05-2011DATE : 31-05-2011
Time 10.00 A.M To 1.00 P.MTime 10.00 A.M To 1.00 P.M
7Materials Science10PY02, 09PHY02Condensed Matter Physics10PY01
8Modern Physics10PY03
DATE : 30-05-2011DATE : 31-05-2011
Time : 10.00 A.M To 1.00 P.MTime 10.00 A.M To 1.00 P.M
Subject NameCodeSubject Name Code
9CIVILEnvironmental Chemistry10CE121AIR Pollution & Control10CE221
10Industrial Waste Treatment10CE122Physico-Chemical Processes for Water Quality Control10CE222
11Advanced Concrete Technology10CE103, 09CE07Advanced Steel Structures10CE201
12Fracture Mechanics of Concrete Structures10CE107Maintenance And Rehabilitation of Structures10CE206
13Ground Improvement Techniques10CE111, 09CE01Stability of Structures10CE207, 09CE05
14Foundation Engineering10CE113Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity10CE209, 09CE08
15Principles and Applications of Remote Sensing GIS10CE123Advanced Soil Mechanics10CE213
16GIS Applications to Water Resource Engg10CE125Geo-Environmental Engineering10CE215
17Pavement Analysis & DesignR50569Environmental Impact Assessment10CE224
18Concrete TechnologyR50504Water Resources Systems Analysis10CE225
19EEEAnalysis of Power Electronics Converters10EE101Digital Control Systems10EE202
20Electrical Distribution Systems10EE102, 09EEE03EHV AC Transmission10EE203
21Electrical Machine Modeling and Analysis10EE104Facts Controllers10EE204, 09EEE10
22Partial Discharges in High Voltage Equipment10EE105High Voltage Testing Technology10EE205, 09EEE11
23Power Electronic Control of DC Drives10EE106Renewable Energy Resources10EE206
24Power Quality10EE107, 09EEE06Power Electronic Control of AC Drives10EE207
25Demand Side Energy Management10EE110Reactive Power Compensation & Management10EE210
26Power System Dynamics & Stability09EEE05Special Machines and Controls10EE211
27Voltage Stability10EE109Advanced Power System Protection10EE213, 09EEE02
28Power System Reliability10EE209
29MECHANICALAdvanced Mechanics of Solids10ME101Computation Fluid Dynamics10ME201
30Finite Element Method10ME102CAD Theory & Practice10ME202
31Material Technology10ME103, 09ME06Experimental Stress Analysis10ME203
32Mechanics of Composite Materials10ME104,  09ME04Mechanical Vibrations10ME204, 09ME15
33Non -Destructive Evaluation10ME105Advanced Optimization Techniques10ME205
34Fuels, Combustion & Environmental Pollution Control10ME106Applied Solar Energy10ME206, 09ME14
35Convective Heat & Mass Transfer10ME107Design of Heat Transfer Equipment10ME207
36Non Conventional Sources of Energy10ME108, 09ME05Refrigeration Equipment & Controls10ME208
37Advanced Thermodynamics10ME109I.C Engines & Alternate Fuels10ME209
38Quality Engineering in Manufacturing10ME110Special Manufacturing Processes10ME213, 09ME10
39Work Study And I.E Practice10ME111Production & Operations Management10ME214
40Computer Integrated Manufacturing10ME112, 09ME01Robotics10ME215
41Theory of Metal Cutting & Tool Design10ME113
42Metal Forming Processes10ME114
44ECEMicrowave antennas10EC102EMI/EMC10EC201, 09ECE21
45Wireless Communications and Networks10EC103Digital Data Communications10EC203, 09ECE17
46Optical Communications &  Networks10EC104Coding theory and Practice10EC204
47Detection and Estimation of signals10EC105,  09ECE07Analog & Digital IC Design10EC211
48VLSI  Technology & Design10EC109Image and Video Processing10EC214, 09ECE20
49Transform techniques10EC113Digital Control Systems10EC216
50Radar Signal Processing10EC114RF Circuit Design10EC202
51Process Control & Instrumentation10EC116Micro Computer System Design10EC206, 09ECE22
52Internet Protocols10EC106,  09ECE06Algorithms for VLSI Design Automation10EC209
53Advanced Operating System10EC107Digital System Design10EC210
54Low Power VLSI Design10EC110Embedded & Real Time Systems10EC213
55CPLD and FPGA architecture and Application10EC111Advanced Digital Signal Processing10EC215, 09ECE19
56Speech Processing10EC112Embedded System Design10EC212
57Statistical Signal Processing10EC115Nural Networks & Applications10EC207
58Electro Magnetic Field Theory &  Microwave Antennas09ECE05Mobile CommunicationR50862
59Network Security & Cryptography09ECE11Advanced DSPR50852
60Neural Networks & ApplicationsR50812
61CSEAdvanced Databases10CS101, 09CSE08Advanced Computer Architecture10CS201
62Artificial Intelligence & Soft Computing10CS102Advanced Data Structures & Algorithms10CS202, 09CSE18
63Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery10CS104, 09CSE01Advanced  Unix Programming10CS203
64Digital Image Processing10CS105, 09CSE04Advanced in Computing10CS204
65Distributed Computing10CS106,




66Distributed Databases10CS107Computer Communication10CS207, 09CSE16
Machine Learning10CS209


67Human Computer Interaction10CS110Mobile Computing10CS210, 09CSE19
68Information Retrieval10CS111Pattern Recognition10CS212, 09CSE12
69Multi-Media Application Development10CS112Secured Data Base Application Development10CS214
70Network Security10CS113, 09CSE02Wireless Networks & Mobile Computing10CS215
71Object Oriented software Engineering10CS114, 09CSE05Fault Tolerant Systems09CSE22
72Data Mining & Date WarehousingR50656Computer CommunicationsR50605
73Digital Image ProcessingR50659
74Network SecurityR50662
74MANAGE MENT STUDIESResearch Methodology & Statistical  Tools10MS101, 09MGS01Services Marketing10MS201, 09MGS04
75Advertising and Brand Management10MS202
76Sales and Distribution Management10MS204
77Security Analysis and Portfolio Management10MS206, 09MGS05
78Financial Institutions  and Services10MS207
79Strategic Human Resources Management10MS210
80Global HRM10MS211
81Knowledge Management10MS213
82Management of Industrial Relations10MS215
83Management of Change and Development10MS216
84E -Business10MS218
85CHEMICALMolecular Biology and Virology10BT103Advanced Immunology and Immunotechnology10BT208
86Bio Process Engineering10CH104Advanced Environmental Engineering10CH201
87Petroleum Refinery Engineering10CH108
88CHEMISTRYAdvanced Instrumental Methods for Chemical Characterization & Analysis10CY101Environmental Chemistry10CY214
89ENGLISHWomen Writers10EG101Judaism and Study of The Metaphors10EG202


Research Methodology and Literary Criticism10EG102Epic Element in Poetry During The Renaissance and Neo-Classical Periods- A Critical Study10EG203
91Study of Genre and Specific Area Poetry10EG103American Novel10EG205
92Indo-Anglian Fiction Perspective10EG209
93Indo-Anglian Literature10EG210
94ENVIRON MENTAL ENGGPrinciples  of Environmental Science & Engg10ES101Environmental Micro Biology10ES206
95Geographic Information Systems Science10SP102Land & Water Applications of Remote Sensing10SP203
96Geo Morphology (Principles)09ES01Principles & Applications of RS & GIS09ES02

Note : i) Candidates are requested to collect the Hall tickets one day before date of

Examinations from the University Examination Section

ii) Any Omissions or Clashes in this time table may please be informed to

the University Examinations immediately.

iii) Even if Government declares holiday on any of above the dates ,the

Examinations shall be conducted as usual.

Click on the below link to Download the Time Tables:

JNTU-KKD : Pre Ph.D Examinations-2011 Time Table to be held on 28-31st May 2011.

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