JNTU-KKD : Evaluation for 2nd Year of B.Tech/B.PharmI Sem for English (2010-11 Admitted Batch).

JNTU-KAKINADA : Evaluation for 2nd Year of B.Tech/B.PharmacyI Semester for English (2010-11 Admitted Batch).

Evaluation for 2nd Year of B. Tech/B. Pharm I Sem. for English-JNTU-K (2010-11 Admitted Batch)

Text Prescribed* : Explorations I, Life, Language and Culture for the first Semester of 2nd Year.

*Similar pattern may be followed for the 2nd Semester of 2nd year with Explorations II, Life, Language and Culture

Evaluation Pattern :

Max Marks : 75

Credits : 1 for each semester

Of the 75 marks allotted 25 marks are for internal evaluation

Break up of Internal evaluation :

15 marks for continuous evaluation to ensure class room participation.

10 marks are distributed for 4 projects based on the text.

Remaining 50 marks are allotted for the Semester end Examination:

The end examination shall be conducted by the internal examiner and external examiner appointed by the University.

Break up :

Oral Presentation :

Student will make an oral presentation on one of the projects done:20. (External Evaluation)

Written Examination:

Remaining 30 marks are allotted for external examination. A question bank may be generated with 4 options from each unit. Student may be asked to answer 4 questions choosing one from each unit. To ensure through reading of the text internal choice may be followed. That is every question will have a choice between A or B.

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