Accenture Placement paper July 2010

Accenture Paper on 23rd July 2010 @ KIIT, Bhubaneswar
The entire selection is divided into 4 phases:

1. Written test
2. Group Discussion
3. Technical interview
4. HR interview

WRITTEN TEST (23rd July 2010, location- KIIT, Bhubaneswar, 2:00pm)

This is completely an elimination round.

55 questions were there and 60 minutes time. It consisted of three sections

i) English(20 questions)

a) Fill in the blanks with preposition and articles. Prepare from ?wren and martin?.
b) Questions on synonyms and antonyms.
c) Two reading comprehensions not must difficult and related to some technical topics like RAID, Internet protocol, networking etc

ii) Aptitude(20 questions)

a) Venn diagram (very very important)

b) Test knowledge of union and intersection (A U B) and (A?B)
c) Simple problems on time and distance, work, direction related questions, clock, profit & loss, probability, ratio & proportion, simple multiplication like 123456787* 19=?
d) Age related problems

e) Try to solve this section as soon as possible its very important prepare for this section. This is the deciding one.

iii) Reasoning(15 questions)

a) Check whether given three words are alike , 1st word and 2nd word are alike, or all are different (very simple even a 5 year child can solve)
b) A problem will be given followed by two statements. You have to answer whether the problem can be solved by using statement 1, statement 2 , both statement 1 and 2, cannot be solved.(again very very simple)
c) If + is replaced by *, * is replaced by/ , / is replaced by -. Then 2*2+3-4/3=?( very simple you need little practice)
d) Relationship questions(abc is son of brother of xyz????like this )
e) If MANGO is replaced with OCPIQ, then what will be CHHERY?
f) This section is scoring and you can easily get 10/15.
g) If you are not good in aptitude start with this section, it will boost ur confidence.
iv) Essay: extra five minutes will be given to write an essay on a topic(100 words). Don?t take it lightly.

GROUP DISCUSSION (23rd July 2010, KIIT, Bhubaneswar, 06:00pm ) :

This was the simplest one. 350/500 cleared this round. I was in a group of 16 people and our topic was ?India as a global leader?. Each of us were given 1 minute time to speak. In my group all of us get selected. Some tips you should follow in GD:

a) Speak only when your chance comes. Never never try to cross check or interrupt while other is speaking.
b) Whatever is your point speak with confidence and don?t try to copy from others.
c) Make eye contact with all others while speaking. Even if you don?t know much about the topic not a problem. Only your communication is checked.
d) Speak less and politely and wait for your turn. Everyone is given a fair chance.
e) Just tell 2 or 3 points and you will be selected.

TECHNICAL INTERVIEW (24th July , 2010, KIIT, Bhubaneswar, 04:00pm):

Q. write a program to find whether a number is prime or not?
Q. write a program to find whether a number is prime or not?
Q. what is run time polymorphism and encapsulation?
Q. what is php? and why you have choosen php for designing website?
Q. what is the difference between c++ and java?
Q. what is the difference between interface and inheritance?
Q. What do you know about Accenture? Why you want to join Accenture?

Accenture Paper on 9th July 2010 @ SKNCOE, Pune

In English, there were 5 questions on articles, 5 fill in the blanks and there were two passages for reading comprehension. In Data interpretation, there were simple problems like:

Odd man out:

67896532 6789632 67896532 67896532

There were also several questions on:
If +=*, -=/, *=- and /=+ then what is the value of 5+6*3-2/9 ?

Then there was technical interview.

Questions asked:
? Introduce yourself.
? Draw Kmap of any gate. (I drew for AND gate.)
? How can u obtain a 4*4 KMAP?
? Which circuits will u need for the same?
? Tell me different subjects u have studied.
? What is 8087?
? U have written a very good essay. Can you comment about the same?
? I can see from your marksheets that you have a very good percentage in your 10th standard but not so well in 12th. Why is this so?
? Do you want to ask something? (Don?t loose this opportunity and always ask something about the company)

The HR round

Questions asked:

? Introduce yourself.
? Why Vishwanathan Anand is your favourite player?
? What does your father and mother do?
? Why Accenture?
? Why do you want to become a perfectionist in your life?
? I can show 5 imperfections in you at this moment.
? Will you accept a person with imperfections?
? Then he asked to give the location preference.

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