Convergys Placement Paper May 2010

Convergys Paper on 23rd May 2010 @ Hyderabad

there are 4sections all together.

5 puzzles are where we find such like arrangements.
a1 a2 a5 a6
a3 a8 a7 a4

this is the answer for the question.two rows each of 4 people.the average of the subscriptsof one number in ist row and next row should give the subscript of the number in next (1+3)/2=2 (2+Cool/2=5…
other puzzle was on coloring of coins in different colors.

once again very different.program is given and number of iterations,no of passings,what does the program do,so on..

based on class and objects.inheritence..etc.
flowcharts are given which are very easy.u can easily score marks.


very easy and simple.attempt this section first.but dont waste time on comprehension.u can easily find answers for the questions.

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