Diploma in Clinical Pathology (D.C.P.) Question Papers

Diploma in Clinical Pathology (D.C.P.)

Paper SUBJECT Year/Sem Year/Sem Year/SemYear/Sem
Paper – IClinical Pathology including Morbid Anatomy, Microbiology and Serology Upto 2000***
Paper – IIClinical Pathology including Chemical Pathology and Haematology Upto 2000***
Paper – IGeneral and Systemic Pathology Upto 2000 2001-2004 2005-2008 2009-2010
Paper – IIBiochemistry and Microbiology Upto 2000 2001-2004 2005-2008 2009-2010
Paper – IIIHaematology, Clinical Pathology and Cytology * 2001-2004 2005-2008 2009-2010

* No Candidates in that Session

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