US Immigration: Visa and other travel requirements

US Immigration Visa and other travel requirements

Other requirements

Educational qualifications

The consular officer reviewing the visa application is required to determine that the following items are true.

? The applicant has successfully completed a course of study equivalent to that normally required of an American student enrolling at the same school.

? The applicant has not submitted forged or altered transcripts of previous coursework to the school.

? The school has not incorrectly accepted an applicant’s previous coursework as the equivalent of its normal requirements.

English proficiency

The applicant, unless coming to the US to participate exclusively in an English language training program, must have enough knowledge of English to pursue the intended course of study. If that is not the case, the school must have made special arrangements for English language classes for the student, or must teach the course in the student’s native language.

In order to determine whether the applicant has the necessary knowledge of English, the consular officer must perform the visa interview in English and may require the applicant to read aloud from an English-language document, and to explain in English what was read. The officer also has the option to refer the applicant for language testing.

Ties to the country of origin

The student must prove intent to return to the home country after completing the coursework by showing strong ties to the country of origin. The student must demonstrate that he has no intention of abandoning those ties. Conversely, if the student has close relatives or other ties in the United States, those may affect the intent to return to the home country. Examples of ways to provide evidence of ties to the home country are given below.

? The names, addresses, ages, and occupations of close family members who remain in the home country.

? Financial interests in the home country.

? Evidence of job prospects in the home country.

Additionally, the INS may require the student to post a Departure Bond to guarantee departure after the course of study is completed.

Chosen course of education

The fact that the student?s proposed coursework may not be of very practical use in the home country is not normally grounds for refusing a visa. It may, however, be a relevant factor in determining the likelihood of the student?s return to the country of origin.

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