Advice To Students

  1.  Get up 4 a.m. Never sleep at sunrise. Study your class lessons thoroughly everyday.
  2. Be regular in diet, games, and physical exercises.
  3. Serve and respect your teachers, parents and elders.
  4. Love your equals and inferiors and also your servants.
  5. Never quarrel with co-students.
  6. Talk little, speak politely, sweetly and lovingly.
  7. preserve semen(vital fluid) very carefully. Never waste even a drop of this precious energy through any unnatural means.
  8. Serve the sick at home as well as in your neighbourhood.
  9. Be obliging to one and all.
  10. Develop good character, memory and health with great care.
  11.  Pray to God daily for fifteen minutes as soon as you get up from bed and before you go to bed.
  12. Develop concentration and deep thinking by performing yoga sans daily.
  13. Do at least one act of selfless service every day.
  14. Never neglect the study of Sanskrit.
  15. Give up smoking and other bad habits.
  16. Never waste your time. Be always busy. Avoid useless company.

If you put practice the above instruction, I assure you an excellent career and success in your life. You  will become a dynamic personality.

GOALS :  Keep your head and your heart in the right direction and you will never have to worry about your feet.

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