PTU B-tech Production Engineering PE Question Papers Sem wise || Punjab Technical University

3rd Sem…(B.Tech.Production)

(PE-201) Strength of Material-I Dec.2009
(PE-203) Machine Drawing Dec.2009
(PE-205) Thermal Engineering
(PE-205) Thermal Engineering Dec. 2009
(PE-207) Theory of Machines Dec.2009
(PE-207)Theory of Machines May-2008
(HU-251) Industrial Organization and Management Information System
(ME-209) Manufacturing Processing Dec.2009
(ME-209) Manufacturing Processing may-2008
(PE-209) Lab-I (Strength of Materials-I)
(PE-211) Lab-II (Thermal Engineering)
(PE-211) Industrial Organisation & Management Dec.2009
(PE-213) Lab-III (Theory of Machines)
(ME-217) Lab-IV (Manufacturing Processes -I)

4th Sem…(B.Tech.Production)

(PE-202) Design of Machine Elements
(PE-202) design of Machine Elements May-2008
(PE-204) Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery
(PE-204) Fluid Mechanics Fluid machinery May-2008
(PE-206) Manufacturing Processes -II
(PE-206) Manufacturing Processes-II may-2008
(PE-208) Statistics and Numerical Analysis
(PE-208) Statistics and Numerical Analysis May-2008
(ME-205) Engineering Materials and Metallurgy
(PE-210) Design of Machine Elements Lab.
(PE-212) Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery Lab.
(PE-214) Manufacturing Processes -II Lab.
(PE-216) Statistics and Numerical Analysis Lab.
(ME-217) Engineering Materials and Metallurgy Lab.

5th Sem…(B.Tech.Production)

(PE-301) Operations Research
(PE-301) Operations Research May-2008
(PE-303) Machining Science Dec.2009
(PE-303) Machining Science May-2008
(PE-305) Engineering Metrology Dec.2009
(PE-305) Engineering Metrology May-2008
(PE-307) Metal Forming Dec.2009
(PE-309) Inspection and Quality Control Dec.2009
(PE-311) Jigs, fixtures and Press Tool Design Dec.2009
(PE-313) Machining Science Lab.
(PE-315) Engineering Metrology Lab.
(PE-317) Metal forming Lab.
(PE-319) Jigs, fixtures and Press Tool Design Lab.

6th and 7th Sem…(B.Tech.Production)

(PE-302) Industrial Engineering
(PE-302) Industrial Engineering may-2008
(PE-304) Modeling and Simulation Dec.2009
(PE-304) modeling and simulation may-2008
(PE-306) Product Design and Development Dec. 2009
(PE-306) Product Design and development May-2008
(PE-308) Tool and Cutter Design Dec.2009
(PE-308) Tool and cutter design may-2008
(CE-216) Environment Science Departmental Elective-1
(PE-310) Industrial Engineering Lab.
(PE-312) Modeling and Simulation Lab.
(PE-314) Product Design and Development Lab.

8th Sem…(B.Tech.Production)

(PE-402) Computer Integrated Manufacturing
(PE-402) computer Integrated manufacturing May-2008
(PE-404) Non-Traditional Machining
(PE-406) Machine Tool Design
(PE-408) Industrial Automation and Robotics Dec.2009

Departmental Elective-II
Open Elective

(PE-414) Industrial Automation and Robotics Lab.
(PE-410) Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab.
(PE-412) Project

List of Elective Subjects

(DE/PE-1.1) Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing
(DE/PE-1.2) Industrial Finishing Technology
(DE/PE-1.3) Welding Technology
(DE/PE-1.4) Plastic and Ceramic Technology
(DE/ME-1.5) Non-Destructive Testing
(DE/ME-1.6) Maintenance and Reliability Engineering

(DE/PE-1.7) Investment Planing
(DE/PE-1.8) Technology Management
(DE/PE-1.9) Marketing and Financial Management
(DE/PE-2.0) Productivity Management
(DE/ME-2.1) Operation Management
(DE/ME-2.2) Total Quality Management
(DE/ME-2.3) Material Management
(DE/ME-2.4) Project Management
(DE/ME-2.5) Human Recourse Management

(DE/PE-2.6) Industrial Packing
(DE/PE-2.7) Network Analysis
(DE/PE-2.8) Environmental degradation of Materials
(DE/PE-2.9) Material Handling and Plant Layout
(DE/PE-3.0) Production Planing and Control
(DE/ME-3.1) Industrial Safety and Environment
(DE/ME-3.2) Entrepreneurship

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