PTU M.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering Question Papers || Punjab Technical University

1st Sem…(M. Tech. Electronics & Communication )

(EC-501) Advanced Mathematics for Engineering Dec. 2007

( EC-501) Advanced Mathematics For Engineering May-2008
(EC-502) Electronics System Design Dec.2007

(EC-502) Electronics System Design May-2008
(EC-502) Electronics System Design Dec. 2009
(EC-503) Data Communication Network Dec. 2007
(EC 503) Data Communication Network May-2008

(EC-504/ECE-504) Advanced Comm. System Dec.2007
(EC-504) advanced Comm. Systems May-2008
EC-505 Neural Network & Fuzzy Logic Dec.2009
EC-506 Lab-1

2nd Sem…(M. Tech. Electronics & Communication )

(EC-507) Optical Communication Systems Dec.2007
(EC-508 )Digital Speech & Image Processing Dec 2007
(EC-508) Digital Speech & Image Processing May-2008
(EC-508) Digital Speech and Image Processing Dec. 2009
EC-509 Information Theory and Coding Dec.2009
EC- Elective-I
EC- Elective-II

3rd Sem…(M. Tech. Electronics & Communication )

EC-580 Project
EC-590 Seminar

4th Sem…(M. Tech. Electronics & Communication )

EC-500 Dissertation

List of Electives

EC-510 Advanced Microprocessor & Embedded System
EC-511 VLSI Design
EC-512 Reliability of Electronics Comm. Systems May-2008
(EC-512) Reliability of Electronics Comm. Systems Dec. 2009

EC-513 Multimedia Comm. Systems May-2008

(EC-513) Multimedia Comm. Systems Dec. 2009
EC-514 Parallel Processing
EC-515 Peripheral System Design & Interfacing

EC-517 Modeling & Simulation of Comm. Systems
EC-518 Microwave Theory & Technique
EC-519 Detection & Estimation Theory
EC-520 Wireless & Mobile Communication Dec. 2009

EC-521 Microelectronics Technology May-2008
(EC-521) Microelectronics Technology Dec.2009
EC-522 Internet working & Internet Protocols
EC-523 RF Microwave & Antenna Theory
EC-524 Computational Techniques


VLSI…(M. Tech.)

1st Sem…(M. Tech. VLSI)

(VL-512) VLSI Design Concepts
(VL-515) Design of Analog/Mixed Mode VLSI Circuits
(VL-516) VLSI Design- LAB
(VL-517) Hardware Description Languages LAB

2nd Sem…(M. Tech. VLSI)

(VL-521) Advanced Digital Signal Processing
(VL-522) ASIC Design and FPGA
(VL-523) Memory Design and Testing
(VL-524) Embedded and Systems
(VL-525) Testing and Fault Tolerance
(VL-526) Digital Signal Processing and Embedded Systems-LAB
(VL-527) Design with FPGA’s -LAB

3rd Sem…(M. Tech. VLSI)

(VL-531) Elective-I
(VL-532) Elective-II
(VL-533) Thesis Seminar
(VL-E1) System on Chip (SOC)
(VL-E2) RF Design
(VL-E3) Process and Device Characterization and Measurements
(VL-E4) Sensor Technology and MEMS

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