RGUHS BPT 2017 Question Papers -1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year (Bachelor of Physio Therapy)

We uploaded all BPT (Bachelor of Physio Therapy) -First,Second,Third And Fourth year  Latest 2017 Question Papers of RGUHS (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences).

RGUHS BPT First year 2017 Question Papers

Biochemistry Q.P Code 2733 Download
Bio Mechanics  Q.P Code 2734 Download
Human Anatomy  Q.P Code 2731 Download
Human Physiology Q.P Code 2732 Download
Psychology  Q.P Code 2735 Download
Sociology Q.P Code 2736 Download

RGUHS BPT Second year 2017 Question Papers

Electrotherapy Q.P Code 2712 Download
Electrotherapy Q.P Code 2741 Download
Exercise Therapy Q.P Code 2711 Download
Exercise Therapy Q.P Code 2740 Download
Microbiology Q.P Code2709 Download
Microbiology Q.P Code 2738 Download
Pathology Q.P Code  2708 Download
Pathology Q.P Code 2737 Download
Pharmacology Q.P Code  2709 Download
Pharmacology Q.P Code  2739 Download
Research Methodology And Bio Statistics Q.P Code  2713 Download

RGUHS BPT Third year 2017 Question Papers

Cardiorespiratory and General Physiothrapy Q.P Code 2718 Download
General Medicine Q.P Code 2714 Download
General Surgery Q.P Code 2715 Download
Orthopaedics And Sports Physiothrapy Q.P Code 2717 Download
Orthopaedics And Traumatology Q.P Code 2716 Download

RGUHS BPT Fourth year 2017 Question Papers

Community Based Rehabilitation  Q.P Code 2722 Download
Community Medicine Q.P Code 2721 Download
Neurology Q.P Code 2723 Download
Neuro Physiotherapy Q P Code 2720 Download
Neurosurgery Q.P Code 2724 Download


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