RGUHS – B.Sc Nursing 1st Year General Psychology And Educational Psychology Important Questions

RGUHS – B.Sc Nursing First Year Subject : General Psychology And Educational Psychology Important Questions (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences) 

Nursing Important Questions
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Long Questions

1 What are concepts? Explain piaget’s theory of development of concepts
2 What is memory? Explain the methods of memorizing
3 What are conflicts? Explain the types of conflicts
4 Define psychology? Critically evaluate the different methods of psychology
5 Define perception? Discuss the factors influencing perception? Explain extra – sensory
6 What is intelligence? Discuss the types of intelligence test

Short Questions

1 Explain organization of perception
2 Explain emotion and health
3 Discuss the role of heredity and environment
4 Explain the factors influencing creativity
5 Explain instrumental conditioning theory of learning
6 Describe the tools thinking
7 Explain the teacher-learner relationship
8 Explain the steps of evaluation
9 Describe projective technique of personality assessment
10 Explain the ories of emotion
11 Scope of educational psychology
12 Define conflicts? How is it related to motives
13 Types & changes of emotion
14 Explain the varieties of attention? What is degree of attention
15 Define personality? Discuss the psycho – social factors that influence the development of
16 personality
17 Describe skinner’s instrumental conditioning in learning
18 Explain the “psycho – analytic theory” of personality
19 What is memory? Explain long – term – memory & short – term – memory
20 Define frustration? Explain the sources of frustration
21 What are the essential features of an effective teacher
22 Methods of psychology
23 Para psychology
24 Span of attention
25 Insightful learning
26 Drive
27 Super ego
28 Amnesia
29 Questionnaire
30 Genius
31 Errors in thinking
32 Stress
33 Drives & needs
34 Motivational cycle
35 Id
36 Creative thinking
37 Individual differences
38 Attitudes
39 Concepts
40 Social motives
41 Types of thinking

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