RGUHS – B.Sc Nursing 1st Year Growth And Development Including Nutrition Important Questions

RGUHS- B.Sc Nursing Subject : Growth And Development Including Nutrition Important Questions (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences)

Nursing Important Questions
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Long Questions

1 What are the physical, Psychological and social changes affecting during an old age period
2 Discuss the on growth and development influence
3 Define nutrition Discuss the importance of water requirements
4 Highlight the need for studying growth and development Discuss the principles of growth
and development
5 What are the steps to be followed when you plan balanced diet? Prepare a diet plan for a
pregnant women
6 Discuss the role of nurse in the care of newborn immediately after birth


Short Questions

1 Developmental tasks of Preschooler
2 Sources, requirements and deficiency of Vitamin C
3 Cognitive development of school period
4 Therapeutic diet
5 Freud’s stages of development
6 Physical and Psycho social development of an adolescence period
7 Trust vs Mistrust Discuss briefly
8 Factors influencing on food habits
9 Factors influencing on neo natal development
10 Effects of Vitamin B-complex deficiencies
11 Marital adjustment
12 Health needs of elderly
13 Prevention of accidents among children
14 Embryonic development
15 Immunization schedule
16 Factors influencing food habits and selection
17 Assessment of malnutrition
18 Anthropometric measurements
19 Gestational assessment
20 Food preservation
21 Marconutrients and micronutrients
22 Genetic counseling
23 Effects of Vitamin A deficiency
24 Electro complex
25 Weaning diet
26 Sources of iron
27 Classification of Proteins
28 Balanced diet
29 Sibling Rivalry
30 Colostrum
31 Sensorimotor stage
32 HbF
33 Tempertantrum
34 Masturbation
35 Body image
36 Recreational interest of adolescence

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