RGUHS – B.Sc Nursing 1st Year Medical-Surgical Nursing-I Important Questions

RGUHS- B.Sc Nursing First Year Subject : Medical-Surgical Nursing-I Important Questions (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences)

Nursing Important Questions
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Long Questions

1 Mrs Lakshmi, a year old lady is admitted to the hospital with chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease(COPD)a) Write the pathophysiology of the disease b) list down the
complications c) Explain the nursing management during exacerbationof the condition
based on three nursing diagnosis
2 A Define intestinal obstruction B) What are the types of intestinal obstruction C) list down
the clinical manifestations and explain the post operative nursing management based in
three nursing diagnosis
3 Mr Sundar, a year old man is admitted with cushing Syndrome A) Write the clinical
manifestations of the disease B) Explain the nursing management based on four nursing
4 a) Define Leukaemia b) Briefly explain the different types of leukaemia
c) Based on the priority state two nursing diagnosis and write nursing interventions for a
patient with leukaemia
5 Mr Pai aged yrs is admitted to the hospital with chronic renal failure
a) Explain the pathophysiology of chronic renal failure b) Write the nursing management
of Mr Pai who is on haemodialysis c) List the complications of Haemodialysis
6 a) What is ulcerative colitis? b) List the clinical manifestations of ulcerative colitis
c) Explain the pathophysiology of ulcerative colitis d) Write the nursing care to be
provided for a patient with colostomy
7 Discuss the role and responsibilities of a Nurse in the following medical surgical settings
A) Intensive care unit B) outpatient department C) Inpatient unit
8 Mr Sharma years old is admitted with diagnosis of Renal Calculus A) List down the
pathophysiology of Renal Calculus B) Write the signs and symptoms and the diagnostic
measures of Renal Calculus C) Write prioritised nursing diagnosis and their interventions
9 Mrs Sudha year old is admitted with Hyper Tension A) Define Hypertension B) Explain
the pathophysiology of Hypertension C) Discuss the medical management and prepare a
health education chart for MrsSudha
10 Mrs Kavitha, years old is admitted to hospital with the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism
a) State the causes and clinical manifestation of hyperthyroidism b) Discuss in brief the
pre and post operative nursing management c) State the complications of hyperthyroidism
11 Mrs Revathi, years is admitted to surgical ward with the diagnosis of cholelithiasis
a) State the causes and types of cholelithiasis b) Discuss briefly clinical manifestations
and diagnosis c) Write on medical management and post operative nursing management
12 Mr Raju, years old, has got admitted to surgical ward with the diagnosis of Thrombo
Angitis Obliterance (TAO) a) Define TAO with its causes b) Discuss briefly
pathophysiological changes and its classic clinical manifestation c) Explain in detail on
surgical management of Mr Raju with nursing care plan


Short Questions

1 Common types of traction
2 Health education on Prevention of Diabetic foot
3 Preparation of patient on the day of surgery
4 Care of patient with ascites
5 Colostomy care
6 Care of patient with Deep Vein Thrombosis
7 Management of Hyperkalemia
8 Tuberculin skin testing
9 Status asthmaticus
10 Pathophysiology of cirrhosis of liver
11 Prevention of diabetic foot
12 Health education on prevention of recurrence of renal stones
13 Hernias
14 Food poisoning
15 Benign hyperplasia of prostrate
16 Principles of intensive care unit
17 Care before, during and after anaesthesia
18 Inflammatory process
19 Patients reaction to cancer
20 Explain the principles of surgical asepsis
21 Stages of wound healing
22 Cardinal signs of Lung cancer
23 Management of Nephrotic syndrome
24 Complications of peptic ulcer
25 Approaches for Prostatic surgery
26 Prevention of diabetic foot
27 Nursing responsibilities in Blood transfusion
28 Raynaud’s disease
29 Purpura
30 Chemotherapy
31 Pancreatitis
32 Fracture and its management
33 Hernia
34 Types of cancer
35 Pathophysiology of atherosclerosis
36 Intestinal obstruction
37 Health education for a patient with renal failure
38 Treatment for cancer
39 Barium enema
40 Sublingual nitroglycerin
41 Causes of constipation
42 Intravenous pyelogram
43 Rheumatic Heart Disease
44 General principles of dialysis
45 Types of diabetes Mellitus
46 Benign Prostatic hyperplasia
47 Jaundice
48 Septic Shock
49 Varicocele
50 Euthyroid
51 Purpura
52 Pleural aspiration
53 Arthroplasty
54 Eczema
55 Postural hypotension
56 Undecended testis
57 Cellulitis
58 Vagotomy
59 Cushing’s syndrome
60 Phantom limb sensation
61 Phlebotomy
62 Types of Angina
63 Chorea
64 Edema
65 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
66 Nebulization
67 Psorcasis
68 Hepatitis A-E
69 Principles of haemodialysis
70 Addison’s disease
71 Primary hypertension
72 Diabetic retinopathy
73 Pemphygus vulgaries
74 Endoscopy
75 Nephrotic syndrome
76 Diffusion
77 Preoperative nursing
78 Types of anaesthesia

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