RGUHS – B.Sc Nursing 1st Year Microbiology Important Questions

RGUHS- B.Sc Nursing First Year Subject : Microbiology Important Questions (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences)

Nursing Important Questions
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Long Questions

1 Name the etiologic agent of cholera. Write in detail on the pathogenesis and laboratory
diagnosis of cholera
2 Define and classify hypersensitivity. Write in detail on Type I hypersensitivity
3 Name the malarial parasites. Describe the life cycle and laboratory diagnosis of any one of
4 Define and classify sterilization. Discuss about moist heat sterilization
5 Define and classify Hypersensitivity. Discuss about types I hypersensitivity
6 Define Nosocomial infection. Enumerate factors contributing to the occurrence and severity
of the Nosocomial infection. Add a note on diagnosis and control of Nosocomial infections
7 Define and classify Hypersensitivity. Discuss in detail about Anaphylaxis.
8 Describe the morphology, culture, pathogenesis, lab diagnosis and prophylaxis of
Corynebacterium diphtheriae
9 Define infection and classify different infections. Discuss in detail about hospital borne
infection their development and control
10 Define culture media. Explain about enriched media or transport media or selective media or
differential media.
11 Classify mycobacterium. Explain in detail about morphology, pathogenesis and laboratory
diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis.

12 What is enteric fever? Write about the pathogenesis and lab diagnosis of typhoid fever.


Short Questions

1 Gas gangrene
2 Food poisoning
3 Pneumococci
4 Blood culture
5 Relapsing fever
6 Use of Embryonated egg in virology
7 Hepatitis B virus
8 Balantidium coli
9 Trichinella spiralis
10 Candida albicans
11 Bacterial cell wall
12 Enriched media
13 Universal precutions
14 Laboratory diagnosis of syphilis
16 Subcutaneous mycoses
17 Amoebiasis
18 Discuss laboratory monitoring of HIV infection
19 Laboratory diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis
20 Aseptic measures in operation theatre
21 Hospital infection control committee
22 Gram stain
23 VDRL test
24 HIV – diagram, modes of transmission and AIDS
25 Bacterial spore – diagram and description
26 Hanging Drop preparation
27 Candida albicans
28 Ancylostoma duodenale – life cycle, clinical features and treatment
29 Laboratory diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis
30 Negative staining – principle and procedure
31 Cultivation of viruses
32 Candida albicans or candidiasis
33 Immunoglobulin
34 Antibiotic sensitivity test
35 Rabies vaccine
36 Bacterial growth curve
37 Contribution of Louis Pasteur
38 Bacterial spore
39 Laboratory diagnosis of Corynebacteria diphtheria
40 Widal test
41 Name bacteria causing diarrhea
42 Antibiotic sensitivity test
43 Phagocytosis
44 Structure of IgG
45 Name bacterial zoonotic diseases
46 Flagella
47 Log phase of bacterial growth
48 Tyndallisation
49 DPT vaccine
50 Name bacteria causing nosocomial infections
51 B C C vaccine
52 What is VDRL test? Mention sexually transmitted diseases
53 What is Food poisoning? Mention bacterial causing food poisoning
54 What is lawn culture? Name any biochemica tests to identify bacteria
55 What is black water fever? Mention species of malarial parasites
56 What is Herd immunity? Mention viral vaccines
57 Mention any contributions of Louis pasteur
58 What is Histoplasmosis? Mention four fung i causing systemic mycoses
59 Discuss the laboratory diagnosis of urinary tract infections
60 Discuss the prophylaxis of diphtheria
61 Write any two transport media
62 Name any two infectious wastes
63 Mention any two uses of ELISA
64 Name any two boiological vectors
65 Pasteurization
66 VDRL test
67 Name two non bile stained eggs
68 Name the symmetry of Viruses
69 Name any two live viral vaccines
70 Define immunity
71 Name live vaccine
72 Name four types of diarrhoea caused by E Coli
73 Name four DNA virus and RNA viruses
74 Name four zoonotic infections
75 Pasteurization
76 Name the method of treatment of biomedical waste
77 Name any four transport media
78 Hanging drop method
79 Draw a neat labeled diagram of a spore
80 Gram staining procedure
81 Define aptitude
82 Drive
83 Causes of mental retardation
84 Importance of psychology in nursing
85 Counselor
86 Projection
87 Mental hygiene
88 Vignettes
89 List the traits of personality
90 Incentive

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