RGUHS – B.Sc Nursing 1st Year Midwifery Including Maternity And Gynaecological Nursing-II Important Questions

RGUHS- B.Sc Nursing First Year Subject : Midwifery Including Maternity And Gynaecological Nursing-II Important Questions (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences)

Nursing Important Questions
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Long Questions

1 a) Enumarate the causes, signs and myarptions of ationie PPH (b) Explain the management
of atonic PPH
2 Discuss the minor disorders of pregnancy and management
3 a) Define eclampsia (b) Explain the obstetric and nursing management of an antenatal
mother at 36 weeks of gestation admitted with eclampsia.


Short Questions

1 Rh incompatibility
2 Intra uterins contraceptive devices
3 Molar pregnancy
4 Artificial reproductive techniques
5 Prostaglandins
6 Episiotomy
7 VVF and RVF
8 Hypermesis gravidarum
9 Olinghydramnios
10 Biophysical assessment of the fetus
11 Degrees of placenta previa
12 Universal precaution
13 Retroverted gravid uterus
14 Vasa pra
15 Phenyl ketonuria
16 Effects of maternal hypothyroidism in newborn
17 Internal version
18 Lochia
19 Menopayse
20 Implantation bleeding

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